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Turn rates for aircraft ... and beyond


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As some of you may remember, years ago we implemented in HCE a delayed turn rate for aircraft such that they could no longer "turn on a dime" and fly in the opposite direction.


Essentially it delayed the ability to turn by a period of time (i.e. wait X number of seconds before executing a turn) and the values varied between types, e.g. more rapidly for maneuvering fighters and more slowly for large transport types.


These turning rates (so to speak) are still quite simplistic and still allow an aircraft to change direction relatively quickly.


The time has come, perhaps, to further adjust these values to impose a further degree of realism.


Note that these are only for player-entered turns, and not turns between course points.


Note as well that the same behaviour can potentially be applied against changes in altitude and would affect more than just aircraft (e.g. diving submarines).


Thoughts? Would you be in favour of instituting these kinds of changes?

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I'm in favour of anything that improves realism and/or gives AI a better chance.

Related to this, one thing I notice with supersonic aircraft in particular is that if you make a direction change and go from cruise to burner you get up to speed instantly but delay in turn.

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Existing calculation...


		ATA_Group = GetGroupATA(Turning_group); // gets lowest ATA in the group
		if (ATA_Group <= 0)
			ATA_Group = 2; // very very poor

		// Helicopter kludge follows
		if ((Turning_group->type == HELO) && ATA_Group < 18)
			ATA_Group = 18; // 10 seconds for a 360 degree turn

		time = 3 * (long)((60.0 / (float)ATA_Group) * deltacourse / 360.0);

You can find the individual plane type ATA numbers in the PE (Platform Editor).
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Run the numbers and see, perhaps the turn isn't severe enough to be over 1 second?


time = 3 x ((60 / ATA_Group) x HeadingChangeInDegrees/ 360) x 5


F-15C/D ATA = 40


time = 3 x ((60/40) x HeadingChangeInDegrees/360) x 5

time = 15 x ((1.5 x HeadingChangeInDegrees)/360)


HeadingChangeInDegrees = 45

time = 15 x ((1.5 x 45)/360

time = 15 x (67.5/360)

time = 15 x 0.1875

time = 2.81 seconds (I think this gets truncated to 2 seconds)


If the game isn't matching then there is an issue somewhere.

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