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  1. Once again the Holiday Sale is on! Larry Bond's Harpoon - Ultimate Edition - Game - Matrix Games 84% discount
  2. I voted for some other situation. If the home base from which I took off is damaged to an extent then plane can't land, I'm good with the logic auto-choosing another one in the same group. However, there is no suitable home plate in the group, then I'd like to be prompted to select a new one (with an indication of whether I have enough fuel to get there or not).
  3. Thanks for reporting, I can't say I have even tried the DLL in years. Harpoon is a hobby for me and I unfortunately won't be able to take a look for at least a week. In the interim, you can disable the ExportDLL by renaming it with a different file extension (my favorite is .dll.bak) or delete it outright.
  4. I didn't get much time into this tonight. I am only doing Exports from the PE. 1. Exported DB, copied annex_a1.csv and annex_magsEx.csv to a separate location for later comparison as annex_a1_Export_01.csv and annex_magsEx_Export_01.csv. 2. Exported DB again without changing anything in the PE. Copied annex_a1 and mags again this time as Export_02. 3. Compared the csv files, no changes. So this at least means the export isn't totally random. 4. Added one item to the first ship's magazine (an ordnance pallet to the end of the magazine list entries for ship id 2048 wielingen. 5. Exported DB, copied a1 and mags to Export_03. 6. Compared the 02 files to the 03 files, the renumbering in a1 makes total sense, magazine inserted and magazine numbers adjusted. magsEx did not make sense, ordering seems all messed up.
  5. Thanks much Don, I'm hoping to finally take a good look this weekend.
  6. Another tool at your disposal is looking at the commondb\res\annex_mags.csv to see if it is staying the same across exports.
  7. Ugh, so not deterministic, that's going to complicate things. Can you type out your steps so that someone can try to reproduce?
  8. Thank you for the additional information, one more question so far, do you only export from the PE or do you do both export and import actions/buttons?
  9. To the question of whether the PE running under the Access Runtime can view the # of magazines, the answer is yes.
  10. Enrique, do you have a before the issue db and one as soon as you noticed that you can zip and send to me tonye@harpgamer.com? Any additional hints are appreciated too (like that you only export and never import if that's how you work).
  11. In the game there are: Torpedo Sub-Types: (these are stored in the F1 annex Guidance field so 66 = 'B', 78 = 'x', etc.) 'B' - Active/Passive seeker '2' - Double-wire guided None 'P' - Passive Seeker '1' - Single-wire guided 'S' - Straight-running Unknown 'X', 'x' - Wake following, term active 'A' - Active seeker (this one is not in the default PE for some reason) Torpedo Codes: DE Payload Quiet
  12. Selected group, that looks like a way to increase the player efficiency and click less, I like it.
  13. That is great news and we appreciate the report back.
  14. Welcome Paul, The platform editor (PE) for Harpoon Classic (HCE, HUCE, ...) is included in the installer for the game. The filename is pfBuild2005.mdb and yes, it requires either Microsoft Access or the Microsoft Access Runtime. You can use the Microsoft Access 365 runtime Download and install Microsoft 365 Access Runtime - Microsoft Support or many of the prior versions like 2016 Download Microsoft Access 2016 Runtime from Official Microsoft Download Center . I made sure that the current PE works under both 32 and 64-bit installations of Microsoft Access. The 32-bit version is still the most common but your choice. Let us know how you fare.
  15. Any kind of information the ExportDLL wanted to store, how many crew members, tracking aircraft munitions (the restricting part would be up to the ExportDLL code), cost of an item, more fine-grained RCS, seeker generation, etc.
  16. I've been thinking about ExportDLLs and associating additional information with various game entities, AnnexData, Units, Groups, etc. What would be a good way of doing that so that multiple ExportDLLs can associate disparate information with each of the game entities? Some possible approaches: 1. Add a field to each game entity with a pretty empty json object. Each ExportDLL interested in supplementing the information would add to that json structure. a. Pros: By using json, any ExportDLL can access the additional information populated by the other ExportDLLs, lots of standard json libraries to help ExportDLL authors. b. Cons: Each ExportDLL must be careful not to wipe the data of others, i.e. only work on their own subset of the json object. 2. Add a structure to each game entity that contains an index to each block and a linked list to hold the actual data. a. Pros: ExportDLL can store any format of data since it is binary storage b. Cons: One must work with a linked list, inconsistency of data formats reduces interoperability
  17. TonyE

    HCE Release Notes

    HCE - 2023.011 - 2023-08-12 =========================== - Chg:00000 GE Let missiles go into Terminal guidance phase against land units. This was a regression for a prior fix to BoL missiles that were going into Terminal guidance mode immediately upon launch. (thanks eeustice)
  18. TonyE

    Current Files

    2023.011 Bump
  19. It sounds like a crude beginning but a beginning nonetheless. I expect the text will only seem a reasonable size on a couple of zoom levels. With some code slinging it is possible to introduce layers of information (the MapWindow exportdll globe component I use handles layers natively for instance) where the text size could be kept constant regardless of zoom level. Will you be working up a sample BattleSet for us to take a look? Thanks!
  20. Interest but I certainly can't ask you to go to the trouble just on my behalf.
  21. That is an impressive collection. How do you want your information to be used?
  22. TonyE

    File - MapWindow

    MapWindow 20230622 2023.001+ Incremented DLL Version to 6 Recompiled with updated shared HC pascal code to fix display of missile groups. Thanks to @donaldseadog who found the typo in the shared code we use!
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