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  1. Looking at an escort jamming example where a Prowler is trying to prevent a Bear from localizing some Tomcats: 105616 Search.c:1307 - Unit EA-6B Prowler ICAP II, lngECMRange = 1000 105616 Search.c:1590 - ECM Escort ECM=0, ECMTmp=0, ECMTmpE=0, RadRng=230, JamRng=100, JamRadRng=266, TarRadRng=221, JamTarRng=46 105616 Search.c:1637 - ECM ECMRadRng=266, ECMTarRng=46, ECMTarRngTmp=0, RadTarRng=221, ECMRng=100, RadRng=230, Rng50=48, ECM=0, ECMTmp=0, ECMTmpE=0 105616 Search.c:1650 - ECM Emitter=Tu-95RT Bear D, Target=F-14B Tomcat, ECM=EA-6B Prowler ICAP II Bear's radar max range is 266nm, Prowler ECM max range is 100nm, Bear is 221nm from Tomcats, Prowler is 46nm from Tomcats, Prowler is 266nm from Bear The ECM isn't providing any benefit to the Tomcats in this case indicated by ECM=0 Here is a case where a Flanker radar's range is reduced 6% vs some missiles thanks to a Prowler: 105641 Search.c:1307 - Unit EA-6B Prowler ICAP II, lngECMRange = 1000 105641 Search.c:1565 - ECM Direct ECM=0, ECMTmp=6, ECMTmpE=0 105641 Search.c:1590 - ECM Escort ECM=0, ECMTmp=6, ECMTmpE=0, RadRng=65, JamRng=100, JamRadRng=78, TarRadRng=32, JamTarRng=68 105641 Search.c:1637 - ECM ECMRadRng=78, ECMTarRng=68, ECMTarRngTmp=0, RadTarRng=32, ECMRng=100, RadRng=65, Rng50=49, ECM=6, ECMTmp=6, ECMTmpE=0 105641 Search.c:1650 - ECM Emitter=Su-27S Flanker B, Target=missile, ECM=EA-6B Prowler ICAP II
  2. I just had a Guest user send a moderation request on this scenario and wanted to explain here since I don't know if that user as a Guest will see the moderation response. Anyway, the .zip file includes a file with the .RDp extension. That MCML.RDp file contains the orders for the Red side (ReD orders file for the EC2003 IOPG aka .??p BattleSet). The file extension just happens to be the same as that for remote desktop connection profile .RDP definitions. MCML.BLp is the Blue side orders MCML.RDp is the Red side orders MCML.SCp is the scenario file itself.
  3. Winharp32.exe -l ecm That will turn on ECM logging which goes into the ge.log file.
  4. My screenshot is from pfBuild2005.mdb but you are correct, the actual data lives in pfData2005.mdb (indicated by the little blue arrow to the left of the table name. that arrow means it is a linked table). That doesn't change the task. Is there a further question or concern I can address? We seem to be miscommunicating on this one.
  5. Editing the loadout type names is a little more low level in the PE/Microsoft Access. You open the lPlatformSubTypes table and edit the Annex 27 (loadouts). See also in case you accidentally lose the original meaning of the loadout. No matter what you name Annex 27 ID 49, the game will treat it as ANTIRUN.
  6. Hmm, there should not be a crash, can you zip and attach your commondb.res file and let us know which plane to use? Then I can hopefully see why the SE is crashing and perhaps fix that.
  7. Correct effect4.c CheckGroupECM you can see the ECM modifier by turning on ECM logging in which case you will get entries like... ECM Point Defense ECM=20 Defender=F-16C
  8. Missile DATA is set to 0.5 in Combat3.c Also in Combat3.c we have AirToAirResolution. 1. The difference in ATA is calculated, diff = attackerATA - targetATA 2. If diff < -2.0 then PH is set to 5. If diff < -3.0 then PH is set to 1. Otherwise, PH is set to diff*10 + 30. 3. If target is fast, subtract 30 from PH 4. If target is small (VSMALLAIR), subtract 10 from PH 5. If target is vLOW, subtract 10 from PH (yes, these are cumulative, you could very well have a negative PH by this point) You can see the end result by turning on missile logging, you will get entries like... "AirToAirResolution Ph: 30, Roll: 40" which would be a miss since 40 >= 30. The die roll must be lower than the PH for a hit.
  9. Agreed on minimize and maximize. Once I dig back into this ExportDLL's code, I'll modify the window management. The big number has no meaning. For a while I was modifying the game to use meters but removed the code from the game but not the ExportDLL so you see that non-sensical altitude. I'm not sure when I'll work on the ActUnitReport code, probably not in January. What do you most want to see this one do?
  10. From an earlier comment It would be altitude in meters if we hadn't rolled back the additional of altitude measured in meters. In other words, it is meaningless. As to unmanageable, true enough but again, the ExportDLL doesn't provide much of any value add at present, is it worth using?
  11. Nice conversation guys :). I agree that ideally one would have electronic warfare gear as part of the loadout and zero out the aircraft level entries. However, if there is a value in the aircraft level ECM entry, it will be used. If the loadout ECM value is greater than the plane's, then the loadout ECM value will be used. On a single plane, there is only one ECM strength value (i.e. they are not combined); however, two planes both doing standoff jamming will be better than a single plane doing standoff jamming. I'll also point back to the following for additional information.
  12. Hmm, works here as in it isn't crashing the game. Can you be more specific on what it isn't doing for you?
  13. I'll check it out Sunday if not before, keep in mind the ExportDLL doesn't do much. Is there some critical functionality you are seeking?
  14. Here is a very old tutorial video that may help, https://youtu.be/4yHAXxGep6w?si=FyQvmnKJc6Tx3mIe .SCv indicates the Middle East BattleSet Understanding HC/HCE File Names - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - HarpGamer For "China in the Horn" you will also need to grab the HCDB2 database. HCDB2-170909 (1980-2025) - Databases - HarpGamer You picked a challenging start in terms of game setup ;). It is entirely too difficult to load scenarios that don't come with the game, making it easier is one thing on a very long list of things to improve.
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