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  1. The two I focus on are the Old Pooners Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/143822619011193 and HarpGamer https://www.facebook.com/harpgamer which admittedly is a pretty weak effort, we can do better next time
  2. I should be able to hop on for part of that. Care to post on Facebook groups that you'll be around to chat?
  3. Tag-teaming with Europe seems like a good way to go imho.
  4. Yay! A number of us have written modified rules for Captain's Edition over the years, mixing Red Banner in, etc. I think Captain's Edition drives a valuable pattern of thinking in game rule design. Captain's Edition isn't quite enough but with a few tweaks, one really can learn a lot about Modern Naval Warfare without the potentially off-putting depth of Harpoon 3, IV, V.
  5. Yes, I'm hoping you might arrange a time that works for Europe, Australia, etc. Is that a possibility?
  6. Hello Harpooners! HarpGamer is inviting you to join us on Discord May 14th, 2022 @ 7:00 PM Central US time. TonyE will be on video, you are welcome to as well. HarpGamer server on Discord has been established, follow the invite link https://discord.gg/ZmrFAZXbyw
  7. TonyE

    HCE Demo Available

    Demo version 2022.007 has been uploaded
  8. Drop tanks are in Annex_G1 and they are not dropped when empty.
  9. The big gap for me is the perfect and instantaneous communications in HC followed by the relatively abstract weather model. There are much better simulation platforms for WWII though I'm a huge fan of someone pushing HC forward in the space. It'd be an awesome challenge on the guns front combining UI and new game logic but you've been there before ;).
  10. torpedoes Annex_F and ASW missiles & depth charges Annex_E come to mind as items that I would want to affect DATA. Annex_G2 is ECM pods
  11. Two jammers are better than one for standoff and escort jamming but three are not better than two. More reading... Jamming & Throttle https://harpgamer.com/harpforum/topic/12564-some-doubts/#comment-26166 Jamming & Spreadsheet (there is a spreadsheet to calculate ideal jamming case) https://harpgamer.com/harpforum/topic/2574-jamming/page/3/#comment-10876 There is also an ECM log option "Winharp32.exe -l ecm" that will log a lot about jamming into your ge.log file.
  12. The answer is yes donaldseadog, yes, the history is that the game began as NATO vs. USSR as you see in the original BattleSets, really up to EC2000. The prevailing attitude was that Soviet bloc engines were less efficient than Western designs. Do we want to make changes for EC2000 and newer BattleSets as a quick-fix? An option for a longer-term fix would be having a fuel burn rate as part of the speed/altitude matrix in the platform editor.
  13. Confirmed that it is b). I'm on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. When I select Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode for Wscenedt32.exe, I get the behavior you report. Nice find! Did you recall setting the compatibility mode? If not, what version of Windows are you running (in case there is something in one of the installers that is setting compatibility mode, but I don't think there is)? Thank you for sticking with this, the tenacity is what we need.
  14. Very little. This tidbit comes up every few years and I had stumbled across the code in the aptly named ReduceAircraftEndurance function when looking for the terminal guidance range logic from @jugasa77's previous question.
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