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  • Thank for visiting and just by doing that, supporting HarpGamer!  The next step is to actively participate in the discussion.  Past that, help further the games by reporting issues, posting scenarios, and digging deeper into becoming a better tester or even developing add-ons for the games.  If you prefer to support HarpGamer financially, that always works too.  There is a significant monetary investment every year in hosting the site and an even larger monetary investment keeping development tools up to date.  

    HarpGamer is a volunteer effort, those giving the most time are also giving the most money.  Please consider giving of your time and/or money to allow us to accomplish even more!  Always feel free to ask us how you can apply your specific gifts.  

    Should those gifts be of a monetary nature, you can get started at https://ynotwidgets.com/product-tag/harpgamer/ where you will find contribution options that flow through PayPal, so pretty trustworthy rather than a one-off eCommerce site.  

    Thank you again and Happy Harpooning!

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