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  1. Russia’s Upgraded Kirov-Class Cruiser Admiral Nakhimov to Start Sea Trials in 2023 (Naval News)
  2. CV32

    Here's a new one...

    I understand; its just helpful to have thread titles that are descriptive, and can be easily referenced or searched when curious behaviour leads to something else. It has been happened during HCE development more times than I can remember.
  3. Initial Analysis of North Korea’s “New Type Long-Range Cruise Missile” (38 North)
  4. Australia to Pursue Nuclear Attack Subs in New Agreement with U.S., U.K. (USNI News) Huge news for the Aussies.
  5. Guadalcanal Quintet (Naval History, October 2021) "From August to November 1942, a series of hard-fought nighttime naval battles punctuated the struggle for the crucial foothold in the Solomon Islands."
  6. CV32

    Here's a new one...

    No misunderstanding. 🙂
  7. CV32

    Here's a new one...

    If you're reporting what you think might be odd behaviour, especially anything that might eventually be classified as a bug, it would be helpful if you could use a subject title that concisely and accurately describes the issue. For ease of reference and search later. Thanks in advance.
  8. CV32


    Its a one way trip, every time, all the time.
  9. Given - for example - that there is no terrain model, I expect that we'll probably have to accept a lack of tilting of the Earth on its axis. ☺️ At least for awhile.
  10. I don't think there is any code for visibility according to the lats and longs on the map. If it is of any assistance, times of day for game purposes are broken down as follows: 2000 - 0400 hours, Night 0400 - 0900 hours, Morning (dawn/twilight) 0900 - 1600 hours, Day 1600 - 2000 hours, Evening (dusk/twilight)
  11. CV32


    Paratroops have typically been modeled (somewhat unsatisfactorily) as ordnance, such that your transport ends up dropping (or launching) them on a target.
  12. 2030 USN CVW : 16 x F-35C Block 4 28 x F/A-18 Block III 5-7 EA-18G Block II 5-8 MQ-25A 5 x E-2D 3 x CMV-22 6-10 x MH-60R/S source
  13. Carl Vinson strike group using first deployment with F-35C, beefed-up air wing to hone advanced operations (DefenseNews, 10 August 2021) Note the expanded contingent of EA-18G and E-2D.
  14. And this makes good sense, of course. For land based operations, a helo can land most anywhere as long as the land is reasonably level and the area cleared and big enough to accommodate it. It does not have to be a nice, clean concrete pad in a particular location.
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