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War in the Pacific 1941-1945


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Okay time to speed this up.


Dewayne and I clashed again with CVs in the Coral Sea. I just sent a Kiwi Cav Division swimming (He's reinforcing Rabual with parts and pieces from everywhere) and out of the mist came the Yorktown backed up by the armored flight deck British CVs (with very small airgroups). We exchanged airstrikes but I came off the loser this time out.

One of my CVLs went to the bottom in short order and took a CVE with it. I did manage to hit the enemy CVs but the bombs bounced off the armor.

Dewayne followed this up with further reinforcements to Rabual. He currently has no less then 21 units dug in there battling my starving troops:


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update to the CIC Warfare Plotter tomorrow (just have to upload it to server) to keep you out of trouble for a bit...
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No way I'm 'cleaning up' those black marks Dewayne, though you're more then welcome to send some surface vessels out to investigate.


The war continues...


Here's the latest from China:






I took Canton Island along with Pago-Pago:



Then Espiritu-Santo 'joined' the Empire:



Dewayne came back with:



Followed by this little beauty:



The cost for Dewayne for the loss of Pago-Pago was alot more massive as my CV force ran into a reformed Force Z. I think Dewayne was hoping that I would leave one of my transport fleets unescorted again. Not a chance this far from any friendly bases.

The battle was spread over several days and finally ended with my sinking no less then 8 battleships and 1 battlecruiser. Force Z(+) will be annoying me no more.


Here's a listing of Allied ships sunk (just the primary ones):





All those BBs and the BC were from that single battle, a very nice couple of days for the Empire of the Rising Sun.

Batavia fell today and the march down Java has started in full. Dewayne is getting very frisky in the skies over Burma and I'm feeling the pressure up there but have commitments for awhile elsewhere. I am however, drafting a plan to deal with that whole situation once and for all :P


Oops I forgot acouple of areas:








Emperor of a mighty virtual empire and a legend in my own mind :blink:

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Actually I wasnt trying to sink transports with that one. They were all damaged ships from the battle of Rabaul that I was trying to get back to San Fran for repair. The beauty of the whole situation is that time is passing by and my production numbers are going up. :)

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Dewayne needs to hire a Minister of Propaganda to get word of his battlefield successes, real or contrived, out there for us onlookers. Perception is reality, I think I may be checking out the local Berlitz Language School if you aren't able to show some results in slowing down the "rays" of the rising sun.

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In all due fairness, Dewayne has played an excellent game so far. He's smashed up many transports and bogged down the initial Rabual invasion. He's also taken Marcus Island and Eniwetok and I'm not sure I can get those islands back. Eniwetok presents a real danger to my large base at Kwajalein, which I need to further support operations to the south.


I've managed to damage the airfield there up to 75% and shot up some transports (after they dropped off further reinforcements and supply). Right now it's a battle of who's got the initiviate. During the real war, that battle occurred at the 'Canal' starting in August so Dewayne is way ahead of schedule.




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Just the commentary is, for the most part, all you.


Come on D, we wanna root, root, root for the home team. :D If they don't win it's a shame.

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More of the same today.

Tilitjap fell today as I speed on down the coast of Java:



Other operations continue but due to security considerations I'm unable to speak about them just yet, perhaps in a day or two I'll be able to post them up.



Off to the war room for more planning :ph34r:




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I guess my opponent decided that surprises are a two way street and gave me one this turn.


He landed another division plus attachments (probably base force or two) at Onnekotan Jima in the Kurial island chain:




With him throwing his divisions around like this, I should hopefully be able to complete my main operations without too much interferance. Of course I have no idea where his CV forces are now. It didn't look like the invasion had any air support so he took a big risk and sent them in w/o cover, a very risky thing given what happened to his BB force.

The downside is that I usually ignore this area because of the bad weather, which makes flying a real pain (op losses etc). I now have to take a more active role before he lands on one island that's big enough to support 4E bombers which he can blast the Home Islands into ruin.


That's about it for this turn, stayed tuned for the next. Should be interesting.




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I'm rolling right along in Java, shouldn't be too much longer until the big seige at Soerabaja...



Else where I continue to pound on Dewayne's intrusions on my Empire, namely Eniwetok Island, I'm not giving these boys a chance to build up that airstrip.


Now the big op I launched afew days ago has borne fruit.



Noumea has fallen to the Empire as my southern anchor, this should disrupt the flow of supplies to Oz, Efate will fall tomorrow and then it's off to even greener pastures for my forces.


Dewayne in the meantime has landed even more forces in the Kuril Island chain but I don't think it's going to go anywhere since he needs to build up that base from scratch so I got alittle bit of time to crush him and add some more 'railroad building' POWs.


Have a nice day :)



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Yes Kelly has been expanding his empire rapidly but just like the real Japanese empire he is spreading himself to thinly and will be pickoff piecemeal once my stranglehold on the home island is in place. Thats one of the reasons I havent been on here talking up my glories, I was to busy with planning for the takeover of the Kurils. (Kelly himself was the inspiration for that one, I read part of his book) :) I have mostly been biding my time waiting for my production numbers to come up and slowly they are getting better. B-24s are coming off the production lines now so my heavy bomber shortage is a thing of the past and in a very few more months P-38s will start swarming the front. So things are coming up and Japan will feel my righteous wrath.

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