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War in the Pacific 1941-1945


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Hello all,


I hope you all don't mind me posting up a PBEM game I'm playing against Dewayne Harris. It's not Harpoon but it sure has been an interesting game and I thought I would share it with you.

I'm playing the ever peace loving Japanese Empire against the evil Allied Powers.

Currently we're up to spring of 1942. However, I will provide all the pertient moves (good and bad) up til then.

More to follow....

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I've been long hijacking this folder with close, but no cigar other games, might I suggest that it morph into an "other wargames" folder.


Welcome, and photos, photos, photos.

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Well I got hijacked with babysitting this weekend but I still managed to start scrapping together the information for the beginning of the game.


As I said at the top I'm playing the Japanese and went with all the standard opening moves. This was of course, quite stupid of me as you will see.


Anyways on to the war.


The raid on Pearl Harbor didn't net me any sunk BBs (in this game, the shallow harbour doesn't count so if you sink it, it's gone, no refloating.) Over all it was a bust but it's really a great way to start off a war ;).


Oh...and I brought pics (at least I hope, kinda testing how this works here).






Next up the invasion of Wake Island, now here is where not choosing a different scenario (One of them allows you to change up things.) and instead the regular assigned units stormed ashore and promptly got shot up for their trouble.




They failed to take Wake Island and I haven't followed up with a second invasion (I was a little busy elsewhere.)


In the PI I did come ashore on the opening day in three places: Vigan, Aparri, and Legaspi. Also did a quickie invasion of Batan Island off the northern coast of Luzon.




Batan Island was the first to fall in my campaign of 'Liberation'.




I got more to cover but I just want to see if the links work for now.



Emperor Kelly-san

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To get the pics to work
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A little post before I run off to work.


The Allies have laid seige to Canton in China, this little move caused me all sorts of heartache. Normally some of the engineers and artillery will march with a inf division down into Hong Kong to support the taking of that city. With Chinese units bombarding Canton, this can't be done. It takes me a long time to finally subdue HK, months and months.




Due to the supply and unit placements in China, both sides can go on the offensive when in reality this was a stalemate until later in the war.


Dewayne is running a very aggressive forward defense, making me pay with lives and time to take ground. I knew he'd be very hard to battle right from the opening moves and he hasn't let me breath all that much.

Force Z escaped into the night from Singapore and I haven't been able to locate it until it makes an appearance usually involving the destruction of some of my naval units as you will see in the next day or two.


Sorry for the small update but being Emperor is a full time job.



Emperor Kelly-san.

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Keep 'em coming Kelly! What little WitP I have played made me really like it, since I don't take time to play enough games, living it thru your experience is entertaining and informative (doesn't beat the banter between you and Dewayne on IRC though...).

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Here's acouple of raids on Dewaynes forces in Manila and Singapore.






This is followed by an air attack on my naval forces at Khota Bharu:



This isn't enough to prevent me from taking the base:



In the PI the initial invasion forces take their first objectives:



I got to review some more replays and post them up here shortly.


Have a good one.


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I invaded and took Kuching but not sure on the date. Dewaynes been throwing his air forces at it to keep me honest.



But it's time for the next step in the war. I've got several divisions and support units marching overland for Malayasia but I don't want Dewayne to slowly fall back and into Singapore so I opt for an expensive tactic...amphibious landings at Mersing.



While keeping the pressure on Kuantan:



So far the war has been going pretty much what I figured it would. My mobile strike group (6 CVs are enroute to Saipan to take on some fuel and then cut around the northern corner of Luzon for a trip down by Manila and pay some other bases of Dewaynes a little 'visit'.

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Fast forward to Dec 29, now this date both Dewayne and myself will remember for it's ups and downs.


As I stated my CVBG was looping around the northern corner of Luzon with my tankers trailing along, low and behold Dewayne launches an airstrike near the Philipiine Sea against Saipan or one of my other bases, not sure which.

It seems Dewayne is riding to the rescue for the PI with his CVs or he could loop south and pummel Paula which has a decent air presence, it's not enough to stop Dewayne's CVs.


I take a deep breath and order my CVBG to full speed and back track around Luzon and charge south toward the last reported position of the American CVs. A CV battle now would be in my best interests since he's only got afew Wildcats in fleet service, the main CAP aircraft will be old Buffaloes.


One thing to remember is that in CV battles, both sides strike at the same time, but one side has to go first so naturally it's the Allies...


My speed run actually took me further south then I intended but it doesn't matter either way. The battle is on.









At this point I'm starting to get nervous and eyeballing my samurai sword, just incase I need it to do myself in.


Allied strike#2 goes in...







That sword is starting to look really good now...








The sword probably won't hurt that much going in...


Hopefully I can pull something out of this disaster...








Not too bad...keep going!














A repeat performance!





At this point my initial fear is over and my forces are still intact, though the Soryu has seen better days. That actually is an understatement. She's in serious trouble and my other CVs are banged up.

Apparently my aircraft weren't done for the day it seems...








and still....






My Bettys' from Paula decide to join the fight but there isn't much left to attack at this point...






I'll take what I can get!


That was the upside to the day, 3 American CVs are toast (Lady Lex, Big E, and the Toga) are now part of history.

The downside for the day is coming up next...


Stay tuned.

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It's basically setup for one against one, but I've seen the game split up between 3 players on each side. Each taking command of the various regions, they input the orders for their own units then send the turn along to the next player.

Speed wise, it's probably better to only play against one other person, but there is also the AI which isn't great but doesn't do too bad a job as the Japanese if you follow the Allied example from the real war.


Hope this helps



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On to Rabaul. This place has become Ironbottom Sound part 2. As you'll see why shortly.

The initially assigned forces aren't strong enough to dislodge the Aussies from their base there so I sent in some reinforcements along with a single TF with a battleship for pounding on the base.




Then out of the darkness comes a very heavily reinforced Force Z which heads straight in for the transports








Here's Force Z composition, well some of them, it's a long list:







After shooting up both transport groups Force Z moves after the support group:



And so ends my hopes of securing Rabaul anytime soon.


I do however, get to end the 29th of Dec on a high note.


Slamming the door closed on Singapore:



That's all for now.



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If I was the American's I wouldn't be too worried either. Realistically I cannot win this game, no Japanese player can. At best, I just can hope and pray that I can hold out longer then the orginials did and maybe make it alot more costlier.


I'll be posting up some more turns here probably tomorrow night and over my weekend (friday and saturday). I'm planning on speeding it up though and getting everyone caught up to the current turn by the time it's all done.


Have a good one.



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Another update:


Okay it's the 30 of Dec and my forces storm ashore at Brunei in the Borneo:


The hunt for much needed oil and resources is on!


Brunei falls the next day along with Lingayen in the PI:





Tavoy follows on the 5th of Jan:


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