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  1. Considered Zero. Thanks Dylan Jones.
  2. For Aircraft launched ASCM what is the combat system value used? I have a H-6K being cued by the WZ-7?
  3. Sounds like some nice developments. I have not yet had to opportunity to try and use SimPlot just yet. I do look forward to giving it a go in the near future. Pete
  4. Jane's Recognition Guide lists the Type 42 having two Radar 909 Fire Control Radars.
  5. Thanks. That's the way I read it in the remarks until I looked at the weapons lines, which seem to indicate three. I will go with two unless I hear anything authoritative.
  6. Annex says forward Radar 909 can control the Mk8 Gun or a Sea Dart SAM F(1)1 Mk8 114mm/55//1 Radar 909 F(2)1 GWS30 w/22 Sea Dart//2 Radar 909 do we agree that there are 3x Radar 909 on the Coventry? Thanks
  7. Very Nice. I realize that loose lips sink ships but was any timeline for 4.2 divulged ?
  8. pmaidhof

    Sonar in 4.1

    Did continue last night, replotted the bigger 2 Square/inch, one square = 1nm = 2,000 yards. It was pretty simplistic, getting my reps in. Worked through baffles, at least for bow mounted sonar. After three tactical turns the sub, while not/unable to classify, did get a Good TMA and fired to torpedoes at the AE. While one missed, the other struck home inflicting four critical hits, the SW Weapons Mount, two Flooding and one CIC/Bridge. Subsequent die rolls confirmed minor flooding for both Flood results 2% each. The ship will continue moving on its current course for 6 tactical turns. Here is the image just before the attack.
  9. pmaidhof

    Sonar in 4.1

    How far down, or possibly up, does a hull mounted sonar "view"? Can a surface platform's sonar search into an Intermediate I depth? Are there limitations? Can you point to the rule that discusses it? Thanks
  10. pmaidhof

    Sonar in 4.1

    I had the ASW helos react by rolling a d8 for direction and d6 for distance. Inspiration from Advanced Squad Leader Sniper direction and distance. Gave them a groping in the dark kind of representation on my graph paper.
  11. pmaidhof

    Sonar in 4.1

    Thanks Brad, i had sent an email with the question to the Admiralty email of the ATG site. No response just yet. Game continues...
  12. pmaidhof

    Sonar in 4.1

    Ok, presuming active sonar would not give a classification, which I tend to agree, it would give bearing and speed of that contact? Back to passive, under the base classification probability chart, in the footer it says A "-" means classification in not possible with this sonar. Thanks for engaging on this. I am trying to better understand this sonar subject with the realm of H4.1 Pete
  13. pmaidhof

    Sonar in 4.1

    Let me rephrase. Since neither the ship's MF, the helo's dipping HF sonar cannot classify detections, they would need to go active in order to do so. That said, active gives precisely enough info on the detected target to dispose of need for 4.4.8?
  14. pmaidhof

    Sonar in 4.1

    Ah, it feels good to be back. I have a Klasse 122, with its MF hull-mounted DSQS-21B sonar and its Lynx Mk88 helo with its HF AQS-18 Dipping Sonar. Due to their respective MF and HF frequencies, while they can potentionally detect a Quiet Project 877 Kilo SS, neither would be unable to classify the target. So is going active the only way to classify a detected target with this types of sonar kits? Is active classification complete, i.e. No equivalent 4.4.8 for active sonar? Does a hull sonar only search one depth level. Would a dipping sonar be any different? I would think it would be at least close to omnidirectional. Thanks
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