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  1. Already posted here by TonyE but another reminder won't hurt. 🙂
  2. Investigation made final conclusions on Kursk submarine tragedy — Kremlin (TASS)
  3. Don is here on the forum (Uncleharpoon) so I expect he would enjoy it.
  4. US Air Force Tests StormBreaker ‘Smart’ Munition on F-35 (Defense Post) Recently discussed in the DB forum.
  5. China’s Growing Aircraft Carrier Force (Real Clear Defense)
  6. That's one of the characteristics of naval ships in general - they tend to abhor empty or unused space.
  7. We get a fair bit of military traffic - aircraft and ships in particular - in this part of the world. I have been privy to a low pass overhead by several Ospreys in formation. It is certainly a memorable sound.
  8. You came to the right place for the info. 😀
  9. Yes, a 16 cell Mk 41 VLS was part of the original LPD-17 design. And Hughes let slip at a Navy League show circa 1996 that there was also room for more VLS cells forward of the bridge. IIRC, the original DB entry for the LPD-17 included the 16 cell VLS. One tends to collect this kind of information as a DB editor. 😉
  10. No worries. And no apologies necessary. There are a undoubtedly a multitude of details that only a shipyard worker would know, and which impact the real life capabilities of a warship, but which never make it to a Harpoon database. Unfortunately, because I truly love the details! 🙂
  11. In this case, it has to be the photo, because that is how USS Mahan (DDG-72) - like other Flight II Arleigh Burkes - is configured. No hangars, just the pad. USS Farragut (DDG-99), meanwhile, is a Flight IIA Arleigh Burke, with the pad and the dual hangars.
  12. China’s Hypersonic Mystery Weapon Released Its Own Payload And Nobody Knows Why (The War Zone) The pessimist in me thinks 'warhead', and more particularly, potentially an EMP weapon.
  13. USS Mahan (DDG-72) certainly has a helicopter pad but perhaps have a closer look at the aft end of that destroyer. 😉 USS Farragut (DDG-99), btw, is a Flight IIA Burke. 🙂
  14. Excellent piece of work. I would note that this comment - "By mid-2013, essentially all community-driven Harpoon database and scenario work had ended." - is more about Harpoon 3/ANW than about the Harpoon Classic/HCE stream.
  15. There is the issue of perception during game play (because of the effect of die rolls, principally.) And then there is the DB reality: Rafale (all versions), ATA/DATA values are 55/30 (the same as Eurofighter, for example.) By comparison, the F-14B/D is 45/25. As for Mica (all versions), its hit probability (pH) is 75. By comparison, the AIM-54C Phoenix is 55. Send an early fourth generation fighter up against a late 4.5 generation fighter, get bad die rolls, and viola ... these kind of results.
  16. One of the worst offending annexes when it comes to the hard ceiling of the annex limits is the Loadouts annex. The HCDB/HCDB2 has tried to alleviate the pressure on total number of entries in that annex by sharing Loadout entries across multiple platforms when it comes to their 'Ferry' mission. In other words, multiple aircraft of varying types with a roughly similar ferry range value now share a single Loadout annex entry. Assuming annex limits remain, one way to potentially alleviate the pressure would be to create a new field in the Aircraft annex for 'Ferry range'. This would eliminate the need to create 'Ferry' loadouts altogether, and free up hundreds of Loadout entries in that annex. Its kinda ugly, it has potential side effects, and its just one example of where the annex limits create headaches for DB editors. Random thought.
  17. Aircraft Carrier Killer: What Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles Are, And Who Has Them (Naval News) A topic that came up during the recent Zoom get together.
  18. Hey Don, this thread reminds me of the work done for Zones of Control: Perspectives on Wargaming.
  19. If that's all it was, the DB would be updated regularly as before. The annex ceiling limits are well known as the primary obstacle at the moment.
  20. The GBU-53 Small Diameter Bomb II (now called StormBreaker) is probably living up to its manufacturer's claims. Tri-mode seeker, long range glide, small signature, etc make it a very versatile weapon. HCDB2 does not (yet) use H5 values, but still employs H4 values where available, giving the range 40 nm and DP 37.
  21. Latest Images Of Russia’s Checkmate Fighter Shows Us Just How Big It Really Is (The War Zone, 13 November 2021)
  22. China Is Using E-3 Sentry Mockups For Targets On Its Ballistic Missile Impact Range (The War Zone, 11 November 2021) Watch out Kadena.
  23. China’s Massive New Aircraft Carrier Is As Big As It Can Be (Naval News, 27 Oct 2021) No ski jump. Three catapults. The angled deck is evident, but whether a Chinese version of EMALS will ultimately be fitted seems uncertain.
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