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  1. How Powerful Is China’s Military? The Pentagon’s New China Report Offers Answers (1945) Link to the CMPR: Military and Security Developments Involving the PRC 2021 (DOD, pdf) The Pentagon’s 2021 China Military Power Report: My Summary (Andrew Erickson)
  2. Interesting discussion on the Taiwan question and the extent of Chinese military power in the region. 🙂
  3. Both the A-4M and OA-4M already exist. ID 11103 and 11104.
  4. Most if not all of the Mirage F1 variants already exist, including those operators you mention. The same is true of the Mirage 2000, including the Egyptian version.
  5. The Petya II already exist. ID 2893. The international Turya entry, ID 2431, was being worked on but contains the Ethiopian vessels.
  6. As I have said many times, probably ad nauseum, the only true reward of writing DB content is if others are going to write and (more importantly) share scenarios they have created using the DB. Some scenario creators, like Enrique in particular, have been stalwart in producing new scenario content. Otherwise HCE is largely absent of new scenario content. A DB platform editor that removes the annex limits would be truly excellent, but again it is lost effort if the scenario content does not follow. I am looking forward to attending the Zoom meeting this evening.
  7. The Israeli Dolphin submarine entry (ID 6254) already has a nuclear version of the Popeye Turbo cruise missile (which for convenience I called the Turbo N, ID 18984). Its in the 650mm torpedo tubes (TT).
  8. Long Chain of Failures Left Sailors Unprepared to Fight USS Bonhomme Richard Fire, Investigation Finds (USNI News) BHR Command Investigation (434 pp, PDF) Major Fires Review (60 pp, PDF)
  9. China’s Claim That Its Fractional Orbital Bombardment System Was A Spaceplane Test Doesn’t Add Up (The War Zone)
  10. The HCDB and HCDB2 will be generally lacking any weapons, ships, etc that are newer than approx mid 2017. Many of them are, unfortunately, Chinese.
  11. S-500 enters service in Moscow region (Jane's)
  12. Set the speed before the initial course leg.
  13. Using the Formation Editor, you can then add SAM or AAA batteries in layers around installations, or even simpler, make sure they are situated on land or in appropriate proximity to other facilities you are adding to the base. This can be of particular importance when you are dealing with a tiny piece of geography like Guam.
  14. The 5 Main Options For Australia’s AUKUS Nuclear Submarine Deal (Naval News)
  15. New Diagram Details How The Navy’s Frigate Will Differ From Its Italian Parent’s Design (The War Zone)
  16. Russia’s Upgraded Kirov-Class Cruiser Admiral Nakhimov to Start Sea Trials in 2023 (Naval News)
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    I understand; its just helpful to have thread titles that are descriptive, and can be easily referenced or searched when curious behaviour leads to something else. It has been happened during HCE development more times than I can remember.
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