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2012 Pooner voting!


Pooner 2012  

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What is a Pooner?
A person who gives of their time, talents, and riches to the Harpoon community.
An award given yearly to recognize the efforts of the above.
The yearly Pooner award recognizes extraordinary effort often within (but not restricted to) a single 12 month period.

Vote for Pooner of the Year!

See past winners at http://www.harpoonpages.com/pooner2011.htm

If you are banned here at HarpGamer, e-mail me (tonye@harpgamer.com) your nomination and vote to have them entered.

Please do take the time to vote, even if you are pretty new to the game. Bonus points if you expound upon how great your choice for the 2012 Pooner is and why!

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My nomination for 2012 Pooner goes to Mark Gellis.


Formal recognition of Mark's long lived contribution to Harpoon is badly overdue.


Looking back, you will find excellent scenarios built by Mark from the late 1990s, and probably earlier.


His most recent efforts have focused on Harpoon 3/ANW, and between his yeoman service here and that of Gunny (working on the HUD4 database), those gents are singlehandedly keeping that side of Harpoon alive.

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I dont nominated he before because I thinked a person only can be nominated one time rach year!!!


So true, each person only needs one nomination but the awards are all about recognizing the efforts that make a person a Pooner so the more support the better.

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