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  1. The GE worked, but the SE not. Still cannot start it from the game menu. But in Admin Mode, SE works, too. I have to start it from the Windows start menu or task bar, but now it works. Thanks! Back again. Now for some good fights.
  2. Have to correct myself: GE works now, latest beta. But still no SE: License issue 1x740.
  3. ...and now I really blew it: I installed an older beta over 2015.027. This one was expired. Then I installed the latest betas as of 2018 and 2020. But now I have the license issue in the GE, too: Error Code 1x740. Nothing works.
  4. Hi folks, I was out for several years, but now I want do restart some pooning. Re-installed HUE with HCUE and was on 2009.50. Scenario Editor not working, but I remembered: the SE was 16 bit and Window 10 doesn´t like that. Next, I installed the latest official update, 2015.027. GE works, but SE doesn´t start: "Cannot verify license." Here I need help. Thanks ind advance!
  5. One and a half year later....Time passes. I think 1.5.0 was the latest one. Darren Buckley passed soon after that IIRC.
  6. JSF

    HUD4 status

    Hi Tony, since I´m not in facebook a few questions: has Hutch started working on the database? will it be posted here on Harpgamer?
  7. Hi Dennis, have you already decided which of the sims you mentioned is your favourite one? This would help a great deal in order to give you recommendations.
  8. Victory achieved! Finally I destroyed Lajes AB, using my last remaining Backfire Bombers. All in all I downed 401 aircraft, sunk 2 carriers and 37 ships. Lost 218 aircraft, ten ships and five subs in return. Time was 06:10 to go. Great scenario!
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