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  1. To my surprise, I suddenly...lost! The enemy achieved his Minimum VC, sinking the third and last remaining vessel of my small surface group. I was a little bit surprised because of that since, all in all, things were going well in the meantime and the enemy suffered horrible losses. Anyway - a great and fun scenario, Enrique - thx for sharing it!
  2. Ok, just registered for the first one. Already in the second one.
  3. Facebook Groups? Which groups are there?
  4. May, 14th, 2 PM CT, would be great for us in Europe, 9PM Berlin Time.
  5. May, 14th, 7 PM CT, this is May, 15th, 2 AM Berlin Time - right?
  6. JSF

    Newbie questions

    Do You refer to an aircraft assigned to a mission? Or just an aircraft flying around, but unassigned?
  7. For a better understanding: do You try to edit an existing scenario or have You just started a new scenario?
  8. Ok, I see. Now I remember that one, too. 😀And what about that outdated 2018 beta version (expired) - is it still necessary to install it over 2015.07, before I install 2022.05? Or can I install the latest beta straight over the lates official release?
  9. I´ve got a second issue: Trying to install Harpoon Classic UE on my laptop, too, I face the following problem: Standard installation is 2009.50. Then I go to the latest official, 2015.027. Ok so far. Then I install the 2018 beta. After that - not valid license. Installing 2022.005 over this version does not help. What to do? Can I skip this 2018 version?
  10. Hi all, I´ve been out for a year or so due to additional work packages, some unexpected. Now I´m slowly on my way back and willing to start scenario writing; after a 5 (?) years pause. I just installed the latest GE/Se combination. GE works fine, but I cannot start SE. In the old times I knew those issues and the solutions, but I´m a bit rusty. So - how to get scenario editor working? Thanks in advance!
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