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  1. It seems to me there's no real interest in this, so best to end it here.
  2. Well in my case, the Steam key doesn't work. I've emailed the devs.
  3. DoD has said it is still afloat and heading for Sevastopol.
  4. Ukrainians are claiming to have hit Moskva with two cruise missiles and set it on fire.
  5. In any event, I'm having a third go at the second mission of Northern Inferno. Tips would be appreciated.
  6. The first playthrough was a loss and I decided to redo it; however, I'm honestly wondering if these are worth doing any more.
  7. I'm getting the error "Error during the Game.Map.Draw method" every time I try to open up the .json for the Get the Kiev game. I have all the four relevant files in the folder I am accessing.
  8. Just joined up. Let me know when you're running a game!
  9. This has now been released.
  10. Just finished an attempt at "Opening Moves" from Northern Inferno and will do a write-up in the next few weeks.
  11. It doesn't recognise the app. I'm guessing as there is no publisher name attached to it. It does let you run it after a warning, but that probably needs fixing lest it put other people off.
  12. Yes, they're all in the same folder. Same issue when running as an administrator.
  13. WindowsDefender has blocked SimPlot 2 from running on my system.
  14. Now that this is out, would anyone be interested in one using SimPlot 2? I'm not going to referee, but I'd be up for playing something.
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