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  1. aviator, I have had this issue in the past with the older version of the Scenario Editor. Sometimes you have to make a single and save the file under a different name. Usually I just a a number after the name. Sometimes you need to make 2 changes for the scenario to save with out a problem. It's a hit or miss as to how many changes you can make . TonyE converted the Scenario Editor to work with Windows 7/10 32/64 bit operating systems that is available when you download updates from the link below. Install 2018.002 update first and then the latest update 2021.006. You will need to open the directory and find the link to the updated Scenario Editor.The file name you are looking for is: Wscenedt32. I hope this helps. Eric
  2. Martin, I'm really not sure what Disable Sub Ai and means. If I remember correctly the Enable old eff115 (emcon_ai) goes back a few years. I know one time I accidentally checked it and Tony asked me why I checked it. I unchecked it! TonyE will have to chime in on that one. The Logging option adds more messages into the GE log which is a tool that Tony can use as a clue to a crash. The more logging you do the slower the game will run. If you have a crash that repeat's it self, it makes it nice to set saving the game every game second. This way you can post a saved game just before the crash for Tony. If you need any help setting anything up please let me know. Happy Hunting! Eric
  3. Martin, You found the right file. I'm glad everything worked. I sent an email to TonyE asking if the ToolBox works on a Mac. I haven't heard from him so I figured it did. I really wanted to point you to the HC Launcher the TonyE created. Here is the link to the HC Launcher where you can set up to save your game automatically. TonyE is in the process of updating the HC Launcher. I have been using the HC Launcher for years. Happy Harpooning! Eric
  4. Rescue193, Sorry I can't help you with your issue. TonyE is in the middle of moving. Please post a saved game file with your issue report. Hopefully TonyE will be able to figure out why it crashed. If possible can you tell us the game time in the scenario so we have an idea od=f when the crash happened. We will try and see if we can duplicate the crash. Under the Downloads section in the Harpoon Classic/HC/HCE/HUCE section if you go to Tools/Mods/Docs there is a utility called Tool Box. With the Tool Box you will be able to save your game automatically up to 100 times before you overwrite you're saved game file. If you have a crash you will be able to go back and play from the last saved game. You can save every game second if needed when trying to duplicate a crash. I usually save my game every 60 seconds of game play time. If you need help setting up the Tool Box please let me know. Below is a screen shot of how my HC Launcher is set up. Having the saved game file just before a crash makes it easier for TonyE to see what causes the crash. I have included a screen shot of how I have the Launcher configured. Good Luck and Happy Harpooning! Eric
  5. We did talk about this a while ago. One time I exceeded the allowable number of magazines that the db could have and it caused some problems. I wanted to be more efficient with my magazines and to see actually what I had left in the magazines of each base and ship. This way I may be able to reduce the number of magazines for weapons that are not used as much as othere.
  6. Good Evening, I have seen the AI change load outs in scenarios I have created. I believe the AI does that depending on what it thinks is the biggest threat to it. TonyE will have to chime in on that. In my scenarios the AI attacks my bases and TG's with missiles without having them set up in the Scenario Editor. You can set the AI to launch a patrol to search for your TG's in the SE. When the AI finds you it will launch planes and missiles at you. Below is a link to a tool box that you can use to set up 2 air groups to joining become one patrol. It really good for joining up tankers with AC for air to air refueling. It also has a better message box than what came with the HCE release. TonyD on the forum has done some experimenting with the tool box and may be able to answer any questions you have about it. To help you better with your issue we need to know the following What version of HCE are you playing. In the upper left hand corner of the HC screen the version will appear. My current version is 2021.006. What Battle Set the scenario is from. Depending on what battle set you are playing what database you are using. I was unable to find any scenario named Operation Gauntlet in a User designed scenario on the HC forum. I did find a scenario named Gauntlet in the original HC GIUK battle set. It is very hard for to figure out what the issue is with a scenario without playing it ourselves. We need to see what you are seeing. If you have any questions please let us know. Eric
  7. eeustice


    Good Evening, If I remember correctly the AI only launches AC and attacks for the non player side. The player side has to set up all their patrols manually. When you first time you launch a patrol you can select Repeat Patrol and the AI should launch a new patrol after the last one lands. What I have seen in the scenarios I have created is that the AI launches AC based on the number of groups the player launches. If I remember correctly, TonyE told me that making even small adjustments to the AI can cause major changes to how the game plays. I create and play very large scenarios. The AI seem to launch single plane groups in response to the launching my air patrols. If you setup a formation patrol on a base or Task Group and if you have Auto Formation Patrols enabled at the start of the game, the TG or base will launch replacement AC patrols. ASW patrols work pretty good. On top of everything I think the AI cheats! Eric
  8. I agree with Rescue 193!
  9. Mounts and Magazines.zip Thanks for contacting Harpgamer! There is no Underway Replenishment in Harpoon Commanders Edition. In Platform Editor you can use magazines as a form as replenishment. I will do my best to answer your questions. The Bunker Hill has a VLS mount of61 cells. That means it has 61 missiles in the mount. 1 missile in each cell. Same for a tube. If you have a magazine with 255 rounds of a missile that is in the VLS mount it will reload the missile after the reload time (Delay in the Platform Editor) The Delay is the time in minutes that it will take to reload the mount. If your mount has 61 of the same missiles, and your Magazine has 255 rounds, you will be able to reload the mount about 4 times. The maximum number of rounds per magazine is 255. The maximum delay is 255 minutes. I use magazines as a form of underway replenishment in my personal database. In submarines there are no magazines. I have included a Word Doc with an example of one of the ships in my db. I hope you can open one of the files I attached. They both have the same information in them. If you have any questions please contact us. In the meantime, "Happy Harpooning!" Eric Mounts and Magazines.doc
  10. Thanks for the update. Can you let us know what Battle Set you are using. It looks one of the GIUK Battle Sets. Is this a scenario that you created or one from the Battle Set that you are trying to edit? Please provide as much information as you can. I would like to see if we can duplicate your issue.
  11. ohstop, Thanks for contacting us. The image that you placed on the forum is not viewable. If possible can you zip a screen shot of the message you get and upload the file to the Forum. There are Beta updates to Harpoon Commander's Edition located on the forum at the link below: Eric
  12. eeustice


    This is I have observed when playing the legacy battle sets that it takes to sink different classes of ships: 5-10 AO/AOE/AOR 15 -20 missiles to sink a FF/FFG 15-20 20-25 for DD/DDG 30 for CL/CG/CGN 40 for Battle Cruiser 50 for CV/CVN One of the observations I found in the legacy battle sets is that once a target was selected the missiles launched will only attack their assigned targets unless shot down. Playing scenarios using the official HC db, it depends a lot upon the codes of the missiles. While creating my Fictional db I got a chance to play around with different Code mixtures for my missiles in the PE. I found the best combination for Codes on Missiles for both Land Attack or Ship Attack are: Small Missile Land or Ship Attack Internal Guidance Semi-Active Guidance Radar Guided When launching Bearing Only missiles close to your TG's I found that you stand a chance on hitting your own ships. I have had Air-to-Air missiles shoot down my Surface-to-Surface missiles attacking a Red TG if they loose their original targets (going bearing only). Missiles hits can be affected by ESM/Chaff, Blip Enhanced AC, and Hit Percentage and of course shot down by ship or AC missiles
  13. eeustice


    Byron, if you want to play around in the db you can remove the IR or the Terminal Guidance in the codes of the missile too. You may still hit some ships that have already been hit but it won't be so bad. When you launch your weapons and you get a bearing only message select no and that will stop bearing only launches of missiles from planes and ships.
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