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    A look at reduced American naval capability in the future.Take back Iceland with a scratch team.
  2. File Name: Bearb.zip File Submitter: rainman File Submitted: 25 Mar 2013 File Category: GIUK A look at reduced American naval capability in the future.Take back Iceland with a scratch team. Click here to download this file
  3. Iceland is occupied by Russian forces in 2015. Take it back with a scratch team. BEARB.zip
  4. Thanks Brad! All of these look great! I hope to have time to play them soon.
  5. Here's an analogy I like: An American worker will work harder if he can get a better bass boat. A Chinese worker will work harder if he can live under a tarp that does not leak. Who will work harder?
  6. Thanks Brad! I'm playing blue. I'm thinking red is the harder side, oh well. If I send my sub away, this might end up in a gunfight. If not, sorry for all the Chinese widows. Looking forward to playing Imperium too.
  7. I have found that if you want to accurately model a real world situation, small to medium is usually better. I's easier to "make your point", so to speak. Brad's "Karafuto", and "Trophy hunter" are excellent examples of this type. I prefer them "small and hard". Many others prefer the huge ones. They do keep you busier, and it's true that you can have a nail-biter, just because it's so hard to keep track of that much stuff. Hope this helps.
  8. Sorry to be a pest, but I'm looking forward to playing this one. Problem is, the scenario presently posted has the original (small A/C) airfield and the bad characters in the orders. Mayhap you uploaded an old file. Has happened to me (look at comments for "Willpower"...)
  9. I took a look at this one- it looks cool, thanks for posting. One thing-The airfield in Greenland cannot land the transport A/C at ZYA mentioned in the orders.(runway too short at small A/C ). If that's a victory condition, it will pose a problem. Thought you might want to take a look at that.
  10. Also, when you look at the list of available airfields, you will see a "secret" airfield. This will not appear on the map until discovered by the other side. FARP's and ELINT stations are other ways to put attack/ESM assets close to the player without immediate detection.
  11. Might we see these in the HCDB sometime soon? This sounds like a game changer to me.
  12. This seems right on. it's an 8, no meds needed. How about, in the absence of a diminished USA, Brazilian resistance to Chinese adventurism in or near Venezuela? Or in West Africa? The general subject of Chinese influence in Africa has great potential, Brad has already explored that in "Trophy Hunter", an excellent scenario.
  13. Thanks for breathing new life into the scene. This looks like fun. Hugely outnumbered, with DF-21's lurking unseen (I'll bet) and most of the PLAN in the way. I'm going to try to stay the course and finish the last one, but..
  14. It wasn't supposed to be easy, but it can be beat. I don't want to post how to beat it though for those that haven't played it yet. No worries. hard is good.
  15. Let me see-. There are NO modern maritime patrol A/C available. There are six reasonably ranged surface search radars in the whole available force, all on helicopters. NO tankers or EW A/C. 18 ESM capable A/C in the whole bunch, four of them helicopters. Lousy sonars and useless subs, no bombers, a total of four long range cruise missiles. To add to the general joy, 2/3 of the attack A/C at Lingshui have an attack combat radius of 250nm or less. All against lots of modern American and European hardware. What a miserable situation. Sounds like great fun.
  16. File Name: Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence File Submitter: rainman File Submitted: 25 Dec 2011 File Category: IOPG DB Used: HCDB_111211 Authors: Patrick Howard Battleset-IOPG: .scp - EC2003 - EC2003 Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence. can Iran really close the Straits of Hormuz? Even if the US is not involved? Click here to download this file
  17. 243 downloads

    Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence. can Iran really close the Straits of Hormuz? Even if the US is not involved?
  18. File Name: So You Think You Can Dance File Submitter: rainman File Submitted: 8 Dec 2011 File Category: WestPac DB Used: HCBD 111122 Authors: Patrick Howard Battleset-WPac: .scq - WPac - WestPac PRC tries a "Pearl Harbor" attack. Let's see how scary the Chinese really are. RED only, you are PRC, you'll have a carrier plus DF-21's.. Duck. Click here to download this file
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    PRC tries a "Pearl Harbor" attack. Let's see how scary the Chinese really are. RED only, you are PRC, you'll have a carrier plus DF-21's.. Duck.
  20. Any chance of seeing these in an upcoming DB? As in, resurgent Russian navy vs deficit reduced USN or European navy?
  21. Look at the "Aircraft and Weapons" pdf included with the scenario. You will see that some (but not all) of your A/C have "passive ESM". This is the ability to detect radar emissions from an enemy A/C or ship. This means that you can detect enemy A/C WITHOUT turning on your own radars. This is important because a) the USN has many more A/C with this ability, and your assets in this regard are very limited. (look at the orders, it pretty much says the same thing). So. The AI tends to activate a radar at the slightest provocation. Also, if the USN detects an airborne radar, it will send fighters to intercept it. So station at least two "ESM capable" A/C at high altitude near your formation. Now look at the "weapons" section of the pdf. You will find certain air to air missiles that do not require a radar to guide them. This gives you the tools to set an ambush. And remember, your carrier group has superb SAM coverage. So you can lure enemy A/C within that zone as well. Another technique is the "missile trap", an old USN trick. Position an AAW capable ship on the threat axis about 100 NM from the main body, with its radars off. (you will have to protect this ship from subs). Using airborne radars lure enemy A/C within its missile envelope, and use the SAM's to kill the aircraft. The USN approach of airborne strike warfare will not work so well here. You will have to kill the carrier with SSM's or subs. Welcome to the Russian reality, and thanks to all who made this so realistic. Hope this helps.
  22. Admiral Konstantin Sidenko took a big pull of vodka and gave the sigh a working man gives after a long day in the fields, or the factory. Things seem less hopeless, he thought, when you have finished a plan and set it into motion. He had thought it through and came up with the following: Goals- (A)To drive the Japanese from Yuzhno-Kurilsk, and to ( protect the resupply convoy ORDERS: Russian Air Force and Naval Aviation to complete the following ferry missions to provide: Burevestnik: 1-A-50, 4-SU-24, 2-SU-34, 4-SU-25BM, 2-MiG29, 4 SU-27, 4-SU-35 Chuguevka 2- May, 2-TU-142,4-MiG31-BM, 2-SU-50 This will leave the TU-22's at Petroplavosk because you cannot ferry the AS-6 in a cargo aircraft. GP loadouts for the Tu-22 MAY be used from Burevestnik. Orders: Chuguevka: Provide CAP and AsuW CAP for convoy. Provide ASW support as soon as ferry operations permit. Burevestnik : Ferry helos to FARP to help with AEW support. Provide local CAP to protect base. Set traps for F-35's Set up traditional AEW setup when A-50 arrives Mistral Group-(AES) set ASW patrols, strict EMCON. Ready all KA-50 helos to escort. Launch KA29TB's as ELINT platforms to detect hostile radars Nanuchkas(AIS)- Head for the gap north of Hokkaido, and wait to join the Mistral group Bystryy- South to join Mistral group, use high speed. And he remembered the following things- When dealing with stealth aircraft, traditional AEW has failings. The attacking aircraft may shoot at your AEW bird before it detects them. What do you do? He thought through Leytugo's tactical philosophy. Current JSDF doctrine requires A) Activate radars when there is a risk of detection Activate radars when an enemy unit is in AAW range, and C) Return to base if you cannot intercept an aircraft at its current speed. And so he decided: For each vulnerable base, set up an aircraft on an expected axis of attack, that was faster than the F-35, with its radar active. Also have at least two ESM capable A/C nearby to detect and identify hostile radars. Have another group of fighters loitering nearby. When either the radar or the missile is detected, have the "AEW" fighter flee on burner. The have the other fighters pounce on the F-35's as they return to base. It seemed to Sidenko that the key was to keep the amphib group undetected, as the above tactic would lead to its detection.. Hmmm.. One thing at a time, Lord or Lenin willing, he thought. Tomorrow is another day..
  23. Yeah, I am not going to worry too much about that. I'm only concerned with the alien ships' movement inside Earth's atmosphere, so I'm figuring about 1,500 knots for the drone (in pure ion fusion afterburner, heh) and a crawl for the 'hovering' mothership. Great idea about the 'walker' too. Classic. I've added that. These entries' specs will probably be provisional as we figure out what works best. I played around with these a little, and have a few thoughts about drones- NO radar- The HCE game engine is irresponsible about activating a radar. Once detected by ESM, the drones are relatively easy to kill. Add ESM- and make them VERY stealthy. This will force the human player to be careful about activating radars and lead to more visual, short range detections. Much faster. I'm thinking at high alt 850/1250/2500 or so. Longer range. A typical (F-15) fighter fleeing on burner will cause a drone to RTB with a 1000 NM range. Some area defence for the mothership.
  24. The MiG 29K has existed in the database for quite some time (INTL). I believe that in Indian service it can carry a wider range of weapons than shown in HCE, however. While I'm whining about the DB, one request as well-The INS Kolkata class, with the Barak 2 area defence SAM?
  25. Thank you all for keeping this old game not only alive, but growing and moving forward. I have noticed some newer folks on this site and wonder if the second generation is on its way!
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