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  1. La L├ęgion kicking some fanatic butt in Mali, for the last little while, without UN sanction. F**ck yeah !!!

  2. They can't compete with MiG, they're under the same roof, one big family, sharing engineers, assembly plants, etc The Russian government has had them running as one unit (Mig and Sukhoi) for quite a few years now iirc
  3. No, that was in October 1990. Last lowering of the Soviet Flag, official dissolution of the Soviet Union. I cheated
  4. Definitely a yes on the first question. MS did a very good job on the free versions, with the caveat that they can't be used for commercial work (iirc) and thus some good third party tools don't work with the Express editions. If you get the whole shebang, you have all the compilers supported, if you get the C/C++ package, you only have the C/C++ compiler, ditto with the C# package. You can choose what to install or not at setup time. C is not much like Pascal, but that said, shouldn't be that foreign. In the C family of language (C/C++/Objective C to name those), you can work quite close to the metal, and do manual management of memory, while Pascal was intended as a learning language if I remember correctly (it's been a very long time since I used the latter). C# is not really part of that family of language, beyond some syntactic resemblances, as it runs in a virtual machine, like Java and other modern high level languages. Plethora of online texts and intros on all those languages, as well as plenty of example code in the form of tutorials not too mention the plethora of open source programs out there that can serve as learning examples (of both what to do and not what to do while coding, but i digress ) Hope that helps !
  5. noxious


    The Harpoon 3 Mac version has not been updated in a long time and there are no plans to bring it up to date. I expect it will run on Lion but I have not tested it. You might try contacting Don Gilman aka Uncle Harpoon . Make sure to post back your findings! Also, since Macs now run on Intel hardware (and iirc, Lion dropped support for PPC cpus), you can either run a Virtual Machine running Windows at more than decent performance for either Harpoon games (and other PC games, depending on your hardware), or even dual boot into a windows partition if you're tech savy and get native performance from your Mac, through bootcamp and iirc, possibly other dual booting solutions. That will allow you to play the latest and greatest in both versions of Harpoon (ANW and Commander's Edition), and thus have access to the latest DBs and scenarios Come to think of it, doesn't one of the regulars here already do that ? If that's the case, share your experience and help the new guy. Cheers !!
  6. Snow capped mountains, Western saddled horsies, Good friends, good times, priceless. Kind of jealous there, haven't rode or spent enough time in the country in way too long (except a few one day bouldering excursions over the past couple summers, which were spent giving blisters and scratches to feet, knees, hands and elbows doing climbing routes way above my grade, hehe ) That looked like one amazing trip by the looks on the little gang. Who took the pic ? Guide ? Cheers ! P.S : Hi all, don't post much nowadays, but I still lurk, pretty much daily.
  7. And how dirty bio-diesel really is, without going into the energy waste to make it come about... And I've been advocating "green" for 20+ years, and still think properly managed nuclear power is the way to go if we want to cut on some of the most pressing problems of humanity, among them the direct correlation between hunger and energy : research the real cost of your 1500-2000 calories diet in the US, between 10k and a 100k calories per person per 1000 calories consumed, depending on sources, vegetarian, omnivorous or full on carnivore doesn't matter I'll counter Three Mile Island with France : slighlty more than 80% of their power comes from nuclear fission, they also take care of the waste of a lot of other nuclear using EC powers and they haven't had a single, serious incident in 40 years. You might also want to research the obfuscated chemical incidents in Italy, including one from a soap plant which released dioxine in the atmosphere (yeah, the lethal agent in Agent Orange) Makes a few radioactive russian containers seem really minor, compared to the effects of nuclear weapon testing in Kazhaktan : genocide we use to call it (and not the first time Great Russians try to annihilate the Kazakhs) Nuclear power is, for good or worse, our most efficient mass energy transformation process, bar none. Pretty obvious why that is so, if you know physics just a bit
  8. Yes, going to get back at it, and release something asap. No dates, 'though
  9. Sea buoys parts ? Nah. Torpedo warheads ? Shaped Charge, big ones (I think one is right to say there is a building truss in the picture) What are they ? Or do we get hints ?
  10. I run the SE on a old 2000 Pro workstation of mine, and log in remotely from my vista64 laptop using VNC. There is another alternative to VMWare and VirtualPC (which I have in an old, PowerPC version for Mac pre-X from before MS bought it ) : Virtual Box, which can even support 3d acceleration of games. http://www.virtualbox.org/ It's free, supports vista64, is developed by Sun (makers of Java if you don't know), and can use VMWare images if I remember correctly
  11. Okay, V1/V2 engines ? Can't get Pennemunde out of my head for some reason when I look at that pic.
  12. Okay, joke answer : toxic waste barrels, with construction/signalization cones topped by American WW2 helmets </joke> Very old and decrepit early TACAN antennas ? (nope, not that)
  13. As much as I'm not a fan of our current Canuck administration (wasn't a fan of the previous one, or the one before, or the one before that, all the way back to my birth in 1970 ), I have to say that as time goes by, I have more and more respect for Mr McKay as Minister of Defense. That's all (and that is the shiniest endorsement you'll ever see me give a Conservative, errh, make that any federal politician in this day and age )
  14. Tsk, tsk, Brad. It's true, but to be fair, I think us the Canucks are the only ones who don't play that game so much (and I might be sooo wrong, 'cause we're also one of the more discrete NATO partners in showing off our military "might") And to let's give the French their dues : it's real politik, they're not as hypocritical regarding their "friends" as other nations out there... Hint : no nation has friends, only interests... (see the still maintained as of the 1990s, plans by the US Army for the 90 mins complete invasion of Canada, from Fort Drum, NY : Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto occupied within 2 hours. Plans date back to the 30s, if you're curious. Unearthed by CBC/SRC in the mid-90s, and explained away as contingency plans that have to be maintained up to date by USA brass, hehe) Btw, I don't have a problem with our neighbours having such contingency plans, I wish and hope we have some of the same, in case we need to intervene for any reason, close to home. Some might say the US are the ultimate champs when it comes to that game, but they also have more means to do it than trailing friendlies, or not firing up the Rafale's systems during Red Flag So much so, that certain navies always blame US subs first when incidents happen I would not, I'm more of a realist than that. I say, only the Canucks play nice, the rest all spy on each other, sniff each other's "capabilities" (lol) and pretend they're friends for ever
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