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  1. Is there a way to recycle group names that are no longer in use? Otherwise, I would say go with whatever system gives the largest pool of possible group names, and start Blue and Red from opposite ends.
  2. ... And so, we'll be able to update an old Cold War joke: "Q: How do you tell a sailor in the Soviet Red Banner Northern Fleet Iranian Navy? A: He glows in the dark!" ...
  3. No, no, Clemens. Those are 'Binary Digital Decision Generators', don'cha know! Gotta keep up to date ... :P
  4. That's why it is named Phawk , Polar Hawk, because you all live in Igloos and drag your women around by their hair. A snapshot of life in the Great White North, as related by an acquaintance: http://www.theweebsite.com/tempus/wallpaper.html
  5. I wonder how fast it is over that range?
  6. Yeah, old Sergei did pretty well, indeed. However, I was referring to his most recent successors, who seem to have a new plan every couple of weeks, and not much else. And yeah, I am kind of disappointed. Russia should be a major world power, even without the old Soviet republics tacked on. It hurts to see them so screwed up, and it's not very good for global tranquility, either ...
  7. Do they ever, ya know, follow up on all these marvelous plans with action?
  8. That's one heck of a first export order for Dassault, if it comes through. Congrats to them!
  9. Greg, why do you say they need GPS? It has been possible to land an ICBM within a mile of the aimpoint, based purely on inertial guidance, for 50 years now. That's more than sufficient to put you into the basket for the terminal seeker. Why add another system that can be spoofed?
  10. That sounds a tad optimistic, given the American budgetary environment for the next while ...
  11. Greg, if the US goes toe-to-toe with the PRC, and the war lasts for any length of time (which it just about has to, given the distances involved) there's going to have to be one heck of a fight in the IO over the tanker routes, isn't there? That's a long way from the PRC's major bases.
  12. Erm ... while I would agree that the USN needs "a navy to fit the times," I would hope that they don't get so wrapped up in concentrating on the littorals that they forget that in twenty years or so they'll be facing serious blue-water challenges from China for sure, maybe Russia and/or India, too ...
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