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  1. Mark, Thank you for this mod. It makes it much easier on the eyes than the black sea and green land boundaries. Never could find a pallette I liked until this one. May not be real as far as monitors on ships, but it is sure better to look at for hours on end. Thanks again. Steve
  2. I had touble getting my regular mouse to work unless I set the properties to run in 256 color mode. Using Widows 7 Professional.
  3. I do not quite understand the procedure for underway replenishment in the #1 requirement for this tutorial. I bring the ships together and stop them, but how do you get them to transfer AGM-65D Mavericks to the Essex. I looked in all the manuals , but can't find any directions. Thanks, Steve
  4. blueduck

    Solo gaming

    Been gaming simple scenarios to determine effects of certain weapons on different platforms. I have played computer harpoon since late eighties without understanding exactly what weapons are most effective in different situations. Have found the paper rules to be an excellent way to deternine what is going on in the computer game. I have also found the paper rules to be a good source of info for sensors and jamming. I can finally look at the platform descriptions in the computer game and understand what all the stats are meaning. I would highly recommend the rules and annexes to anyone wanting to learn the computer game better. Steve
  5. I think we're going to skip the book and go straight to the feature film. Thanks for these very informative articles. Is there any chance that they can be stickied on top of the forum or moved to their own section so that they don't get lost in the forum? I like to come back and read them every once in a while, but they get lost in all the other posts or moved to the second page, making them harder to find.
  6. Glad you guys explained how they come up with the close and far ranges. Been trying to make sense of the numbers on the ship forms as they are not well explained in the manual. Suspected what you guys said to be true but the examples were not jiving with the annex numbers. Thanks again, Steve
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