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  1. Funny that the launcher works on my laptop with the same installer file. As for ANW, getting used to it now by doing the tutorial scenarios. I can see why it has its adherents and I will be using it as well.
  2. Running the H3Launcher.exe from the game directory works. I made a desktop shortcut for it. The patch I ran was from the launcher because the game wouldn't run. Kept saying it was past its date or something. Very strange interface for someone used to HC. Needs some getting used to. As always, thanks for the help. Enjoying the game again.
  3. I have HUCE and installed just the final ANW (3.10 I believe). I installed the update, but when I click on Play, I just get a little error message saying "unknown exception."
  4. Damascus

    Where Am I?

    Thanks. I'm very good at finding strange glitches by accident. I had Gary Grigsby stumped for a a while with a crash by Carrier Force on the Atari 800XL. He said it was so rare that it wasn't worth fixing.
  5. Damascus

    Where Am I?

    OK, here it is. (Can't upload a .rar, but can a .zip). Look between Iceland and Greenland in the UNIT window for sub AM00, just south of AKU (and AK00). Then look in the GROUP window for sub group AMU, which consists of one sub in the center of the formation. It's NE of Iceland, at least 300 miles from where it should be. Gatekeeper.zip
  6. Damascus

    Where Am I?

    Problem returned. Sub unit AM00 is not near AMU by hundreds of miles. I thought the unit comprising AMU is numbered AM00. But AM00 is far to the west of AMU. I tried to upload the saved game but got a message saying I'm not allowed to upload that type of file. *.hp1
  7. Of course you're right (about the databses) and I apologize for assuming that Rene had the wrong ones. I see the scenarios are listed by battleset, but are they listed somewhere by database? There are a lot of them and it's time-consuming to check each battleset.
  8. Damascus

    Where Am I?

    Went to get saved game, but when I loaded the icons were where they should be. Something fixed itself because the submarine icon was inside Norway and I got a "sub ran aground" message. Now it's well out near Iceland, where the unit icon is.
  9. Damascus

    Where Am I?

    Formation editor shows unit in main group, dead center. I had thought of that. Even so, the distance in the formation of that single-sub formation was 16 miles, not more than 200.
  10. Just for the hell of it I redownloaded all the databases instead of using the ones already in the timeline folder I downloaded. Those seem to be the wrong ones, because now the CVN deGaulle is HMAS Sydney. Your other solution for getting the right scenario works as well. Unchecking the box once was the key. I'm ready to go and again, thanks to you all. It's great to get back to Harpooning again and I'm looking forward to those WWII scenarios.
  11. Let me first say "Thank You" to everyone who has answered. Let me say "Thank You Again" to everyone who has answered. Now I will try to clarify my question. When I type in the specs into the launcher: HC directory is C:\Matrix Games\HUCE. The GE Name is Winharp32.exe. I have the following boxes checked: Scenario by filename (I used Korea_51.SCq); CDB.res FileName (the commondb.res file from the 50to65 folder); Battleset by Number (26-WestPac); CDB.rsr FileName (the commondb.rsr from the hc-media-file folder). Game Play Options are checked and selected to my choices. There is no button I see that says "enable instant action." When I hit "Launch GE" I never get the Korea_51 scenario, nor the correct database. I have even swapped the commondb.rsr and commondb.res files from the HUCE directory with the database from the 50to65 folder with no evident change in database. Is the Charles deGaulle supposed to be in Korea? The launcher is HC Launcher v.2010.0.1.1. If it's any help, I checked "log all." Here's the log: Logging begins. Build Date = May 8 2010, Build Time=22:41:34 0 harpoon.c:542 - BattleSet Specified: 26 0 harpoon.c:569 - Scenario Specified: C:\Matrix Games\HUCE\KOREA_51.SCq 0 harpoon.c:619 - Database RES Specified: C:\Matrix Games\HUCE\hce-databases\hce-timeline-dbs\hc-50to65-db\commondb.res 0 harpoon.c:644 - Database RSR Specified: C:\Matrix Games\HUCE\hce-databases\hc-media-file\commondb.rsr 0 harpoon.c:675 - Game Options Specified: 001110001 0 harpoon.c:732 - done processing arguments. Activating logging for: 0 DLLExport.c:150 - ExportDLL Loaded: DigMilArt.dll Interface Ver: 2 DLL Ver: 2 DLL Desc: Digital Military Art DLL 0 Setup.c:1168 - SetUp(0x0) entered 0 Setup.c:1171 - Deleting old memory 0 Setup.c:1179 - init_global_variables 100000 Setup.c:1201 - BattlesetSelector 100000 Setup.c:1228 - load Map 100000 Initannx.c:612 - this scenario is from battlesetnumber 14, using annex version 0 100000 Initannx.c:657 - reading scenario file version 0 100000 Initannx.c:658 - Database Versions: Res: ,0 Rsr: 0 100000 Setup.c:1303 - OpenBattlsetResFile 100000 Setup.c:1338 - not_saved_game 100000 Setup.c:1431 - InitDisplayOp 100002 Memfs.c:1474 - test
  12. I have Atari800win emulator and it does what it says. However, the Atari was more difficult to use because of the start, reset, restart and option buttons. The C-64 is easier to use and has more old games available.
  13. Damascus

    Where Am I?

    Playing HCE, GIUK scenario "Gatekeeper." Question has to do with Unit and Group screen differences. I have two single-sub units with sub in the center of the formation. One shows in the Group screen that it is the middle of Iceland and Norway, yet the Unit menu shows it running aground in Norway. The second is 269 nm from a red contact in the Group screen, yet in the Unit screen it is 10 nm away and able to attack. It's also moving at 22 degrees in one screen and 244 in the other.
  14. I figured that if I'm going to use an earlier database I should have a scenario written for that database. I have two 50to65 scenarios for the WestPac battleset but can't figure out where the files go. There are no folders containing scenarios that I can find and a serach on my hard drive for *.sc1 came up blank. I know they're all there because I can play them. But where? I put them in the HUCE folder. I started launcher and guessed on all the entries. The HC directory is C:\Matrix Games\HUCE. The GE Name is Winharp32.exe. I have the following boxes checked: Scenario by filename (I used the SCq file from my HUCE folder); CDB.res FileName (the commondb.res file from the appropriate timeline folder); Battleset by Number (26-WestPac, correct for the scenario); CDB.rsr FileName (the commondb.rsr from the hc-media-file folder). Game Play Options are checked and selected to my choices. Everytime I click on Launch GE, I get a random game. So far all have been standard scenarios. Sorry to be such a bother, but there are some concepts I'm not getting here. Your patience is much appreciated.
  15. OK, back to the present after that pleasant stroll down emulator lane! I now have Harpoon Ultimate and besides HCE I don't really see a use for the other stuff. I don't like the interface and look of ANW, H2, and H3 and the earlier HC's are really just a patch or update to earlier executables. HCE seems to be the final word in HC and includes all the scenarios and battlesets from the past. Now I am interested in the databases and playing What If? scenarios from the 50s or WWII. To that end I have downloaded (without knowing what I was doing) a file called hce-databases, which includes three subfolders: hce-stock-db, hce-timeline-dbs, and hce-media-file. The timeline folder has five folders (I deleted the hc-10-to-xxx folder), each has a commondb.res file in them. I saw a file called commondb.rsr which looked like something necessary and I put it in the hce-media-file folder, for lack of anywhere else to put it. the hc-stock-db folder is empty. I also have launcher.exe. So, what do I need, where does everything go, and how can I get it work? Thanks in advance.
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