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  1. The Haruyuki Saga (2015)

    For my 30th scenario of 2013, I tried something different. This is actually a trio of scenarios, following the Japanese destroyer Haruyuki (DD 128) through one fateful week in 2015, as she is suddenly thrust into the center of a conflict between Japan and North Korea. Since the events take place over the course of only a few days, the Haruyuki and the submarine assisting her, the Wakashio (SS 587) are not able to resupply, and so they will have fewer and fewer weapons as the scenarios progess. This was accomplished by using the logistics editing options in H3 ANW.
    Image: Japanese destroyer Haruyuki (DD 128); Author: Manabu Itoh; according to Wikicommons, this image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.



  2. Gray Hermit (1984)

    My 29th scenario of 2013...
    This Cold War scenario assumes the Soviets have stealthily moved a couple of submarines into Hudson Bay. Canada considers this intolerable and acts to remove this threat.
    I think this one turned out quite well. It might work well as a scenario for people getting used to Harpoon ANW because it is a straightforward search-and-destroy mission and you only have a few ships and aircraft to control. The only drawback, and this is often the case with an ASW scenario, is that there can be a lot of waiting while you search. There is at least one twist, however, that might show up and surprise you.
    Image: Canadian frigate HMCS Nipigon (DDH 266); Source: Defense Visual Information Center - U.S. Department of Defense (DOD); Author: PH3 J. Elliott, USN



  3. Vivid Sentry (2018)

    My 28th scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, tensions have increased between the Netherlands and Venezuela. The Netherlands sends a small task force to Aruba to "show the flag," and hopefully discourage Venezuela from any aggression, and to gather intelligence. But things may not go as smoothly as planned...
    (This is another scenario that I think shows how good Harpoon ANW and the HUD-4 are at modeling small battles where both sides only have a dozen or so units. It is not too hard to win, but you have to pay attention to what is going on because it is easy for trouble to sneak up on you.)
    Image: Dutch naval ship Rotterdam (1998); Author: Royal Netherlands Navy / Koninklijke Marine



  4. Black Rooster (2018)

    My 27th scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, France must help its ally Gabon in a conflict against Angola. It must help protect a Gabonese air base from attack and destroy an Angolan air base and Angolan SAM facilities in Cabinda.
    Image: The French Command and Projection Ship Tonnerre (Official Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Alicia R. Giron)



  5. Coast Bronco (2015)

    My 26th scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, a small American task force must take on a drug cartel operating out of Costa Rica.
    (This might be a good scenario for people getting used to Harpoon ANW...it is not hard to win as long as you are careful and don't take unnecessary risks. It is, I think, a good example of how Harpoon ANW does well with small scenarios and in modeling low intensity conflicts; I also had fun mapping out part of the Western coast of Costa Rica using online resources to identify where beach resorts, etc. were located).
    Image: Littoral combat ship USS Forth Worth (LCS 3) (Source: U.S. Navy).



  6. Crocodile Snare (1980)

    My 25th scenario of the year...
    This scenario assumes that the brief war that took place between Egypt and Libya in 1977 has continued and that Italy has tried to broker a peace between these two nations. However, when Egypt begins preparing for a new offensive in 1980, Italy decides that further aggression against Libya is unacceptable and decides to intercept an Egyptian convoy carrying vital supplies to the occupied port of Tubruk...
    Image: Italian destroyer Impavido (DD 570) (Source: http://www.dodmedia.osd.mil)



  7. Baltic Squeeze (1980)

    My 24th scenario of the year...
    A nice, basic Cold War scenario, set in 1980, in which West German forces must ambush a Soviet convoy headed for East Germany. It's one of those scenarios where, if you are careful, it is not too hard to win, but if you are not careful, it is very easy to lose.
    Image: West German guided missile destroyer Lütjens (D185) (Source: U.S. DefenseImagery photo VIRIN: DN-SC-89-03687; Author: PH3 Haley, USN)



  8. Lion's Last Roar (1971)

    My 23rd scenario of the year...
    This scenario assumes that, in 1971, the United Kingdom tried to enforce an arms embargo on South Yemen, which it believed was creating instability in the region. The Soviet Union, an ally of South Yemen, refuses to recognize the embargo and has sent several merchants, some carrying weapons, to South Yemen; with them are several Soviet warships. Can the United Kingdom enforce the embargo, boarding and seizing those ships carrying contraband?
    This scenario was an attempt to demonstrate the flexibility of the HUD-4. Officially, the HUD-4 covers approximately 1980 to 2015; however, many platforms in the HUD-4 were active earlier in history. As one can see, it is not difficult to create scenarios set in the early 1970s using the HUD-4. In fact, the HMS Lion, for which this scenario is named, and which is in the database (because the Tiger-class cruisers were not completely retired until the 1980s), does not even appear in the HUD-4's official time frame, having been decommissioned in 1972 (and then cannibalized for parts for her sister ships). It seemed only fair, however, to give her a chance to play Harpoon, too.
    Image: British submarine HMS Ocelot (Source: U.S. DefenseImagery photo VIRIN: DN-ST-90-07973; Author: PH1(SW) J. Elliott, USN)



  9. Gallic Spark (1984)

    My 22nd scenario of the year...
    In 1984, a coup took place in Guinea. This scenario assumes that French businessmen were arrested by the new government, charged with espionage, and executed. France wants revenge...
    (As is often the case, the real challenge, and part of the Victory Conditions, is not just achieving your goals but doing so with minimal losses. This scenario has already been updated to the new version of the HUD-4, v1.2, so you will have to download that. With other scenarios, remember, since a new version of the HUD-4 is out, you may have to update the scenario with the Edit/Scenario Rebuild/Rebuild All Units command.)
    Image: French helicopter carrier JEANNE D'ARC (R 97) (Source: United States Department of Defense; photo by EMMETT FRANCOIS)



  10. Nettle Meerkat (2018)

    In expectation of the June 28 release of the next version of the HUD-4, my 21st scenario for 2013...
    In the near future, with fish populations collapsing, tensions are rising around the world over accusations of illegal fishing. Fearing that Mozambique (which has recently acquired ships and aircraft from China) will take violent action against South African fishing boats operating in its EEZ, South Africa is sending two of its new frigates and a submarine to patrol the area...
    (My experience testing this is that it is not too hard to win, but you have to pay attention...when things start happening, they're going to happen fast. Also, remember, when new versions of the HUD-4 come out, it will be necessary to update the scenario in the scenario editor using the Edit/Scenario Rebuild/Rebuild All Units command.)
    Image: South African Navy frigate SAS Amatola (F 145) -- same class as the ones in this scenario but I could not find any public domain images of the specific ships. (Source: U.S. Navy; Photographer: David Holmes.)



  11. Sidra Piper (1985)

    My 20th ANW/HUD-4 scenario for 2013...
    This Cold War scenario involves Portugal undertaking a training exercise in the Gulf of Sidra. Libya has warned that it will fire on ships violating what it considers its territorial waters. It is possible that this exercise could turn into a very special learning experience for Portugal...
    (This one turned out to be a surprisingly challenging one when I tested it. The trick is to keep in mind that the two Portuguese ships only have guns for anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense and the Portuguese A-7s, while capable aircraft, only have Sidewinders and iron bombs at their disposal. The Libyans have a definite edge. It is possible to win, but you may have to employ second-by-second shooting with your AA guns to take down some of the incoming threats. In any event, I hope people enjoy it.)
    Image: The Portuguese corvette, Baptista de Andrade (Source: U.S. Navy photograph; Photographer: PH1 TODD P. CICHONOWICZ, USN)



  12. Operation Southern Guard (1985)

    My 19th scenario of 2013...
    This "what if" Cold War scenario assumes World War III took place in 1985. It also assumes that, in case the Suez Canal becomes unusable, some merchant ships and tankers are taking an alternate route around the southern tip of Africa. Soviet forces operating out of Angola will attempt to disrupt Allied shipping. Dutch, South African, and American forces in the area must protect the merchants and destroy the Soviet task force.
    Image: Dutch frigate HNLMS TROMP (F-801) (Source: United States Navy.)
    (I hope people enjoy this one. I found it very hard to beat, although that might simply be my own lack of tactical brilliance, or patience, or attention to detail, or something. But it took a bunch of tries before I could nail the task force and do it before the Soviets sunk too many merchants to achieve the victory conditions. And I already knew where all the bad guys were!)



  13. Istiqlal on Patrol (2015)

    My 18th scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, tensions between Iran and Kuwait have increased. Kuwait sends a few of its vessels to "show the flag" by patrolling the Eastern part of its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). But will Iran consider this a provocation and use it as an excuse to attack?
    Image: Kuwaiti patrol vessel Al-Garoh. (Source: U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 1st Class Kevin H. Tierney.)
    (Author's note: I found this one surprisingly challenging when I was testing it, perhaps because it is one of those small scenarios where every asset counts and a couple of mistakes early on can make it very hard to complete your mission.)



  14. Defending Dili (2018)

    My 17th ANW/HUD-4 scenario for 2013...
    In the near future, a civil war is raging in East Timor. Indonesia has formally recognized the rebels and Australia is concerned it will enter into the conflict. The Australian government makes the decision to move forces into the area and to protect the city of Dili if Indonesia decides to attack.
    Image: Two RAAF F-18s (Source: U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Matthew Bruch.)



  15. The Battle of Baegryeong-do (2015)

    My 16th Harpoon ANW/HUD-4 scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, South Korean forces must defend the small island of Baegryeong-do from a North Korean attack!
    Image: Two South Korean F-16s (Source: U.S. Air Force website photo 071114-F-1851B-211; Author: Master Sgt. Jack Braden)



  16. A Crisis in the Gambia (1996)

    My fifteenth scenario of 2013...
    It is 1996 and a civil war is raging in the Gambia. The E.U. is concerned that the rebels have committed war crimes and have decided to assist the Gambian government. They must destroy a bridge near the city of Banjul and take out rebel forces in and around the country's only airport. They also have to do this without blowing up any schools, or the American embassy, by accident.
    (This is another scenario where you need to take out ground targets with limited air assets, but don't forget you have some nice artillery on a couple of your ships.)
    Image: An Italian Harrier II aircraft aboard the Italian aircraft carrier Garibaldi (Source: U.S. Navy photograph; Author: PHC JACK C. BAHM).



  17. Western Lemur (2018)

    My fourteenth scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, with a revolution erupting in Madagascar, the E.U. has decided to support the lawfully elected government of that country and assist them with their fight against the rebels. An E.U. task force led by the French amphibious assault ship Tonnerre must cripple the rebel forces currently using a town in eastern Madagascar as their stronghold. The name of their mission: Operation Western Lemur.
    Image: The French Command and Projection Ship Tonnerre (Source: Official Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Alicia R. Giron.)



  18. South of Gwadar (2018)

    My thirteenth scenario of 2013...
    In the near future, Pakistan and Iran have become increasingly friendly. There are reports that they are planning to attack one of the Gulf states. An American carrier battle group must move into position, gather intelligence, and discourage Iran and Pakistan from starting a war. But will the Eisenhower and escorts now become the targets?
    Image: Guided missile destroyer USS Forrest Sherman (DDG 98) fires its five-inch gun (Source: Navy Image ID 070111-N-4515N-509; Author: Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Apprentice Joshua Adam Nuzzo.)



  19. Scuffle with Saiburi (2018)

    My twelfth HUD-4 scenario of the year!
    In the near future, tensions between Thailand and Cambodia have increased. Thailand must station three warships along its maritime border with Cambodia and protect the oil rigs it has in the area.
    Image: The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) frigate H.T.M.S. Saiburi (FF-58) (Author: U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communications Specialist 2nd Class David Didier.)



  20. Crisis in Mallorca (2018)

    My eleventh scenario of 2013...
    Insurgents have seized part of the island of Mallorca. Spain has to take it back. They also have to board and take control of a merchant where high value hostages are being held...
    (This one is not too hard to win, but you have to think about your tactics and use caution when approaching the insurgent positions. There are a few surprises waiting...)
    Image: Spanish EF-18 (Author: Greg L. Davis, USAF)



  21. Archerfish Quartet (1983)

    My tenth HUD-4 scenario of the year...
    This is a straightforward Cold War submarine duel...it is 1983, in the early days of World War III, and a squadron of American submarines must find and destroy a squadron of Soviet ballistic missile submarines before they can escape into the Atlantic Ocean.
    Image: United States Navy attack submarine USS Archerfish (SSN-678) (Source: http://www.navsource.org/archives/08/08678.htm; Author: U.S. Navy).



  22. Passage to Dubrovnik (2018)

    My ninth H3/ANW HUD-4 scenario of the year...
    In the near future, tensions have increased between Greece and Albania. Greek ships must escort a convoy to Dubrovnik.
    (This is not a very difficult scenario to win, although you have to keep an eye open for the bad guys--you can lose easily enough if you get careless--and there are a lot of innocent bystanders in the area. Again, it might be a good scenario for HC players who want to give H3 a try.)
    Image: Greek frigate HS Spetsai, F-453 (Source: http://www.navy.mil/management/photodb/photos/080416-N-9855D-062.jpg; Author: Mass Communications Specialist 1st Class James C. Davis).



  23. Lutjens and the Ladies (1983)

    My eighth H3 ANW HUD-4 scenario of the year...
    It is 1983 and the world is at war. A German task force must eliminate Soviet submarines in the North Sea.
    (This is a fairly simple scenario, but it turned out to be pretty challenging, I think. Because it is only four ships hunting a small group of submarines, with support from a couple of British Nimrods, it might be a good introductory scenario for people who have played Harpoon Classic but who want to try out H3.)
    Image: The West German guided missile destroyer Lütjens (D185) (source: U.S. DefenseImagery photo VIRIN: DN-SC-89-03687; author: PH3 Haley, USN)



  24. Mission to Macedonia (2018)

    My seventh HUD-4 scenario of 2013...
    Macedonia has been plunged into chaos as rival factions battle for control of the country. The European Union fears that ethnic cleansing may take place and has decided to the only way to bring the warring parties to the negotiation table is to cripple the military capabilities of both sides.
    Image: French destroyer Forbin (Source: Image 090531-N-9988F-406; Author: Rafael Figueroa Medina, U.S. Navy)



  25. Ike Goes Solo (1982)

    My sixth HUD-4 scenario of 2013…
    This scenario assumes that hostilities erupted between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in 1982. It falls to the Eisenhower, her battle group, and several squadrons of Greek and U.S. Air Force aircraft to solidify control of the Eastern Mediterranean in the early hours of the war.
    Image: An elevated view of the forward section of the flight deck of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (U.S. DefenseImagery photo VIRIN: DN-SC-84-02031; Author: PH1 Dave McLean, USN).



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