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  1. Mark, Thank you for this mod. It makes it much easier on the eyes than the black sea and green land boundaries. Never could find a pallette I liked until this one. May not be real as far as monitors on ships, but it is sure better to look at for hours on end. Thanks again. Steve
  2. I had touble getting my regular mouse to work unless I set the properties to run in 256 color mode. Using Widows 7 Professional.
  3. I do not quite understand the procedure for underway replenishment in the #1 requirement for this tutorial. I bring the ships together and stop them, but how do you get them to transfer AGM-65D Mavericks to the Essex. I looked in all the manuals , but can't find any directions. Thanks, Steve
  4. blueduck

    Solo gaming

    Been gaming simple scenarios to determine effects of certain weapons on different platforms. I have played computer harpoon since late eighties without understanding exactly what weapons are most effective in different situations. Have found the paper rules to be an excellent way to deternine what is going on in the computer game. I have also found the paper rules to be a good source of info for sensors and jamming. I can finally look at the platform descriptions in the computer game and understand what all the stats are meaning. I would highly recommend the rules and annexes to anyone wanting to learn the computer game better. Steve
  5. I think we're going to skip the book and go straight to the feature film. Thanks for these very informative articles. Is there any chance that they can be stickied on top of the forum or moved to their own section so that they don't get lost in the forum? I like to come back and read them every once in a while, but they get lost in all the other posts or moved to the second page, making them harder to find.
  6. Glad you guys explained how they come up with the close and far ranges. Been trying to make sense of the numbers on the ship forms as they are not well explained in the manual. Suspected what you guys said to be true but the examples were not jiving with the annex numbers. Thanks again, Steve
  7. Thank you. That fixes the problem. Guess I can't use textured land to create scenarios. Is that common or just a quirk in this scenario that I made? Steve
  8. I couldn't get the print screen to work, so I will attach the zip of my scenario and you can see if it makes the black boxes in the formation editor when you are playing it.
  9. The sensors for the OPPFOR now seem to be on although set to something different than I set them. Maybe the AI sets them to its own settings? Also when I play the scenario there are black boxes around the symbols in the formation editor. Do I have something set wrong in the scenario editor to cause this?
  10. OK I will try that and get back. Steve
  11. I was designing a scenario and trying to get the sensors on the ships to be active at the start of the scenario. I entered the sensor command at waypoint #0 in the course editor, but when I start up the scenario all the sensors on the home players ships are turned off. Is this normal or did I not do the right procedure to start both sides with sensors active. The base sensors are on only the home ship sensors start in the off position. Thanks, Steve
  12. blueduck

    Solo gaming

    Agreed. I don't often do ASW as I'm more of a power projection kinda guy. OK then I will pick an easy scenario maybe one from the quick start rules. I have my pencils sharpened, some graph paper, and my old nsvigation tools ready so I am off to sea. Have to pracice some with these many rules before trying something major. I will stay away from subs until I come up with some way to play them fair. Thanks for the replies, Steve
  13. blueduck

    Solo gaming

    Is it feasible to run a scenario solo, knowing where all the units are located and their strengths? Or is it kind of like trying to play chess against yourself where you have to try and forget what strategy you were using against the other side. Are there any good scenarios specifically set up for soloing or are they all slanted towards playing an opponent? Steve
  14. Hi Blue Duck. The Harpoon Naval Reviews come out every couple of years with scenarios, articles, ship and aircraft data to play the specific scenarios, etc. The last one released was 2003, there is one in the pipeline for 2009. Sea of Dragons is a very interesting, but in woeful need (in my opinion) of updating, book focussed on Harpoon4 in Asia. It catalogs all of the players (PRC, Japan, Taiwan, the Koreas, Philipines, Australia, Indonesia, etc), and their naval and airforces, and then puts together some scenarios...it comes with its own data annex. South Atlantic War II uses Harpoon4 to game many individual situations which made up the 1982 Falklands campaign. It contains discussion, the scenarios, the data, and the Ground Combat System (GCS) rules, (along with some Falklands ground scenarios). GCS is needed for some of the amphibious scenarios found in High Tide. White Ensign focusses exclusively on the Royal Navy, with the exception of the 1982 Falklands. Many interesting situations during the drawdowns from the Middle East and Asia, and even a 1970's version of the Falklands if I recall correctly. I find that most of my Harpoon scenarios played are much smaller affairs that scenarios found in computer HCE or H3. There is so much platform interaction and calculations needed, that I have not been able to break the code and "do" a HCE scaled scenario. One caveat is that some scenarios I've done with H4., though small affairs, would not be particularly enjoyable in HCE due to the small size, not enough to do when the computer is crunching all of your numbers. The biggest sceanio that I was able to pull off solo was using Stratsims Combat Plotter and the 1987 Operation Praying Mantis scenario from a paper H3 booklet Dangerous Waters. There were about 30 platforms involved and a great time. There is an AAR to it here on Harpgamer in the H4 section. Once you get your arms around the mechanics, I'd recommend whichever topic interests you. Note: White Ensign was recently updated. Sea of Dragons is, again in my opinion, woefully in need of a overhaul, though still interesting if you can get by that by updating the platforms should you be interested in such scenarios. Graph paper size: all dependant upon the size of the squares, and scale that you assigned each square. I've used everything from 0.5nm (1,000 yards), 1nm, 5nm, 10km. Graph paper with 0.5cm boxes can give you a fairly large area provided the scale is set likewise. Like all tactics, dependent upon the situation. Doing it with (graph)paper and a pencil allows you to roll it up and put it away if family and/or little munchin fingers prevent you from leaving something like that out, all over the kitchen table...like me. Hope that help Pete Thanks guys for the responses. I saw all the published extras and was wondering what they were all about. I will probably stay with small scenarios. I have played computer Harpoon since the late 80's and thought it was about time to get the paper rules to see how the computer comes up with things. I am especially interested in what weapons cause what kind of damage and aircraft performance against others. I was kind of wondering if I would need half the living room to conduct a battle. I remember my old days of playing Avalon Hills "Jutland". Seems I would have cardboard ships sailing under the tables and every where in the room until the dog would run thru and annihilate half the fleet. Thanks again, Steve
  15. I just bought "High Tide" and am still awaitng its arrival. I see they have also published three Harpoon Naval Reviews and 1) Sea of dragons, 2) South Atlantic War, 3) White ensign. What are these? Additional scenarios and or additions to the databases and rule changes. Would you recommend any of them for beginners? I was also wondering how large a piece of graph paper does one need to play a medium size scenario? I play computer Harpoon and the size covered in some of the scenarios is several hundred miles. I don't think my kitchen table is big enough to handle this large an area.
  16. Hi, I see you are from San Diego so I would guess you have been back to visit your old ship since it was turned into a museum. I spent about three hours checking out all the things I could and still ran out of time. Just too many things to see and talks by the excellent guides to listen to. I have to go back again and finish the parts of the ship I missed. Been reading the history of the Midway in a book I bought at the ship store. It got me to want to play a game of Harpoon using the Midway but alas I have not found any scenarios so far. Thanks for the reply. Steve
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