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The playout is concluded:




While NATO managed to shootdown all six of the Soviet SSMs inbound, I have deemed this a Soviet victory due to the NATO players leaving first and their loss of two vessels.


AAR to follow, but I'll start opening the threads tomorrow.

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Imho, NATO's strategy was flawed from the start.

They failed to play to their strengths, instead sending their weakest ships toward our objective (the SOSUS station) and their strongest ships away from it.


They did this in spite of their knowledge that we absolutely had to send the Sverdlov cruiser Nevski to that objective, and that it had to survive in order for us to win. That being the case, we were compelled to protect it.

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They also fired a grand total of four offensive shots - Harpoons - at the missile boats in a panicked reaction from Jake . They missed as well.


Must have been a panicked reaction indeed. They were throwing away valuable Harpoons at a trio of Tarantuls that had already expended their own missile load.

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