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  1. I'm putting a soviet S-300 into battle. 1. wiki calls the S300 as SA-10 Grumble. But H4 at Annex D calls it SA-6 Grumble (is this the S300?). 2. How do i know what rader the S300 uses? Seperate question. I have an A-10 Warthog strafing a moving column of tanks. The Aircraft Bombing Table on page 6-12 (bottom right hand corner) says an internal cannon like on the A-10 has certain % chance of killing tanks etc. I'm surprised the table is that generic, it means any internal cannon has the same chance as the A-10's 6x30mm cannon which i thought would be different enough to have its on to kill table.
  2. Copy, thank you. Wow, Russian attack/strike aircraft with no radar ...
  3. Ha ha. Just jokes, to let you know someone is reading the current events posts. Always interesting.
  4. I'm running a scenario where a russian attack aircraft is doing a bombing run verse a ship. It doesn't matter if its a Mig 27, Su 17 or Su 25 attack aircraft - they each have "LRMTS" sensors and/or "1 ESM/Radar Targeting Pod" which both sounds generic, and i am unable to find this sensor under air/surface/fire control radar. What radar would any of these aircraft use? How do i determine radar detection to their targets? There is mention of a "Kh-23 guidance pod" but i cannot find any stats for it either in my High Tide Data Annex.
  5. Does anyone own Troubled Waters for paper Harpoon? Would you recommend it? I guess i'm seeing it has scenario generators which as a solo player i might be interested in.
  6. Mate I'm playing Harpoon 4.1 using paper rules, and just using pad paper to log where units are and do calculations (speed, missiles, radar detection etc). What is this Simplot your doing? Would it help me? Whats the short answer?
  7. "Turn it off and on again"? Sounds like an episode of the "I.T. Crowd" tv series.
  8. I missed some of the subtles then. I thought Russia intervened "on the USA side", but then more recent reading made me think they hoped the "other" side won. But yeah, to many sides for me to keep up.
  9. Is it true that Russia and the USA are supporting (via equipment?) opposite sides in Syria?
  10. Are there any sites on the internet that have data annexe for the different countries? (China and Australia for instance)? I used to be able to find a few, but not anymore : - (
  11. Just come across this article from yesterday. Did something go seriously wrong with the carrier groups procedures? 2 x Tu-142 Bears got within 1 nautical mile of the US Ronald Reagan. One mile!?!?! That sounds pretty close to me? I thought they would have been escorted or directed away well before they got within one mile? http://edition.cnn.com/2015/10/29/politics/us-aircraft-carrier-russian-plane-encounter/
  12. Good points. Would it have been low enough for a rifle? Would have made a small target also. Strange.
  13. Turkey has shot down a drone. Possibly russian drone. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/16/turkey-shoots-down-drone-near-syrian-border The drone in the picture looks pretty intact. How would the drone have been shot down? MG of a plane?
  14. Maybe interesting? Until last week, when the billionaire Paul Allen began tweeting images of deep-sea wreckage — a coral-encrusted anchor, a green valve hairy with algae — the annals of vanished ships contained no entry more mysterious than that of the Musashi, a massive Japanese battleship sunk off the Philippines toward the end of World War II. To call Musashi massive, actually, doesn’t begin to do it justice. It was, and remains, one of the largest battleships ever launched — 70,000 tons of water displaced, with a crew of more than two thousand. Its nine 18.1-inch guns, the largest caliber ever mounted on a ship, were designed to fire 3,000-pound shells at a range of more than 26 miles. http://grantland.com/the-triangle/paul-allen-musashi/
  15. A great read, lots of different things here. http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/how-to-win-in-a-dogfight-stories-from-a-pilot-who-flew-1682723379
  16. Hey, i read the first article and found it pretty interesting. Looking forward to reading the follow ups.
  17. Yep, in exercises they've successfully torpedoed US carriers. Thanks guys. I was aware there was some info out there, but locally all i hear is that they are duds, always breaking down etc. I wasnt sure in what context the local news person had though, maybe the subs were duds, or maybe this is "business as usual" for other nations more used to working with these kind of things. I hadnt been able to find anything on how well they performed once they were released into the water though, so just trying to guage how the subs are viewed from people more used to doing so. Thanks for the replies.
  18. Guys Just wondering if anyone had thoughts and time to put down some quick notes on Australias Collins Class subs? How have you seen their performance or abilities, good/bad/ugly?
  19. I saw "Soviet", I saw "Destroyer" and figured "capable". I'm not familiar with allot of the units so its not instinctive for me to choose opposing sides. I need to do a better job of matching up opponents. I also need to slow down a bit, I need to do a better job of getting all the rules/ranges correct.
  20. A Buccaneer is flying at high altitude and has detected a Soviet Class Skoryy Destroyer at a range of 76.0nm (Radar LOS is 241nm). When the range has closed to 55nm the Buc fires a Sea Eagle. At a speed of 594kts it will take just over four and a half minutes for the cruise missile, flying at sea skimming altitude, to find it’s target. The Skoryy Destroyer has no chance of detecting the Buccaneer out to that range, and very little chance of detecting the incoming missile. Its Don surface search radar is first able to detect the inbound at a maximum range of 7nm and its High Sieve radar could potentially pick up the inbound at 8nm. With a 60% chance of detection, both the Don and High Sieve fail to pick up the inbound. In the following tactical turn the Sea Eagle which is only 7.0nm from the Skoryy, moves 14.0nm before the Skoryy gets another opportunity to detect the inbound danger. The Sea Eagle gets a free swing at the Skoryy, with no defensive fire to avoid. The Sea Eagle has an 80% chance of hitting the Skoryy, which (amazingly) has no electronic countermeasures. The Sea Eagle slams into the Skoryy without notice, with the following implications; Able to absorb 86 damage points, the Sea Eagle imparts 46 damage points leaving the Skoryy with 40 damage points remaining. Maximum surface speed is immediately reduced from 34kts to 9kts 7 critical hits are incurred, being Engineering hit: ship speed further reduced to 0kts, effectively dead in the water. A minor fire starts in the engine room, causing another loss of a damage point (39 remaining) 4 x weapon mount hits 130mm is lost, 85mm is lost and the depth charge projector is lost (hit twice). Sensor, Cross Bird radar is lost. Major flooding, ship looses a further 3 dp (36 remaining). The Sloryy is left to drift, dealing with a minor fire and major flooding. The fire is extinguished in the following turn while flooding continues at a Major classification (33 damage points remaining). Unable to stop the flooding, 63 minutes later the Skoryy sinks due to flooding. Follow up points: Much of this will be obvious. The Sloryy didnt have much of an Air Search radar, making detecting the air plane or incoming missile very difficult. The Sloryy (chosen because i noticed it was a destroyer and assumed it would be "armed to the gills") didnt have any countermeasures (I'm shocked). The range of the Sea Eagle (6o.0 nm) made the engagement much easier for it than the 5.0nm range of the AS30.
  21. * Did you consider the radar line of sight between the Perry and the incoming Mirages? Yes, Radar LOS was longer than radar and therefore didn’t come into play (shorter radar range is used). * Why not send in the Mirages at Vlow and radar silent? Minimum altitude the Mirages could fire their AS30 or AS37 at was LOW, I didn’t consider a vlow approach “popping up” to Low in order to fire. * How did the Perry detect the AS.37 Martel (I assume this is the weapon used) launch? Radar detect? Hmmm, not sure actually. I assumed the Perry would detect the launch automatically, checking the rules it would have used its SS radar and had a 60% chance to detect. * The AS.37 Martel can be launched as low as 50 meters (perfect for a Vlow approach). My reading of Annex G4 says “Low altitude” is the minimum, happy to be corrected though. * I note, as an aside, that it was a sailor on lookout that spotted the Exocet(s) that nearly killed Stark and not her ESM or radar. * Gun kills are notoriously difficult Agreed, the gun kills were way easier than I thought they would be. That ended up being because I applied some of the rules incorrectly , even against non-maneuvering targets like an incoming AS.37 Martel. * Note as well that the AS.37 Martel is a terminal diver, executing an 80 degree dive in the terminal approach. This further aggravates the engagement from the Perry's point of view, as it makes the missile a "crossing target" and reduces hit chance by half. My annex G4 does not show either AS30 or AS37 having the Terminal Manoeuvre option? * The AS.37 Martel is also a Vsmall missile, further reducing hit chance. Agreed, I missed this one. * The AS.30 command guided missile is also capable of being launched from Vlow (I think LOW), and is Vsmall (agreed, and I missed this the first time), but won't be a crossing target like the AS.37 (agreed). * I would have left the Perry radars on as well. Can't hit what you can't see, regardless of the threat of anti-radar missiles. * This was a very risky mission for the Mirages, with the weapons they have chosen, with very low chance of success. * Note that the SM-1MR had been removed from the remaining Perry frigates by 2003.
  22. Yeah, i felt real bad about that. I've done RPG on line, i do chess on line, I'm used to the on line gaming thing. I felt real bad dropping out of Vampires.
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