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  1. Its one of those that makes the navy look like they want media attention or something, or better yet some love from congress. You name it for some unknown sailor that's lost his life or some dead admiral and its page 5 in the norfolk news you name it after ms. Gifford within a few years after the attempt on her life and its publicized all over the place.
  2. I know they are stilled pissed with georgia but if he means 7 active subs in that small of a space that's seems a little over kill.
  3. looks mean till you see the sensor package hanging off the back then a little silly. Wonder how much you have to be aware of it on takeoffs.
  4. hehe he used pirates and intelligence in the same story.
  5. In my humble land based opinion for china and Russia (and to some extent everybody else that doesn't like us) most of their projected power seems to be more dependent on limiting the united states from operating in their back yard then actually going out and doing any real hunting. The only notable exceptions would be their continued want of using more capable ssn's to go on fishing expedition and hopefully land themselves a nice juice carrier.
  6. yeah but if you hear about that action then the ssn isn't doing its job correctly.
  7. I would hope that there would be assets in the areas looking for this type of action by the Iranians.
  8. One big ass firework, these things do have serial numbers so somebody will know something soon enough.
  9. Somebody correct me If I am wrong but using a similar system near their Nuclear facilities would they be able to mess with the targeting systems on gps guided weapons, requiring the use of older laser systems and aircraft having to get in allot closer?
  10. In all honesty I think the best thing to do would be to try to hole up on an island somewhere and use today's knowledge to get a manufacturing base going making simple firearms and canons to replace the ones you have that would eventually run dry. Also alot of people of the time didn't like the romans much so a few treaties with whatever powers the romans would be fighting next would probably help. In a stand up cage match the numbers would eventually catch up so thinking outside the box would be the marines best ally.
  11. Talk about making every round count, if no artillery or abrams but they did have the tracked transport u could at least run allot of them over. other then that once the gas and ammo run out i think the last 50000 or so Romans would finish them off. but it would be a hell of a battle.
  12. Maybe the helicopters also, only because of the types of wars that we seem to keep getting involved in.
  13. Well at least they didn't melt her down to make isuzus or something.
  14. Yes I think she was a test bed for the radar, soon to become a reef when I looked her up after taking the pictures.
  15. I was thinking it might be a tico but didn't know how many were still around last ones I saw were these 2. Where they were parked next to the second pic of a moded destroyer.
  16. Ship pic 1 and 6 (probably a A.B.) was floating around off the waters of north florida aircraft pic 2 and 5 (P3) was seen flying low and real slow few miles out of cocoa beach neither got real close best I could do. Big greys pic 3 and 4 were parked along port of Baltimore not really sure what they are.
  17. Yep I actually bought my copy in the mid 90's while in europe. Loved the pictures.
  18. I was actually speaking more to their rational capacity then ours, and in no way saying we should open up an embassy there. I would feel sorry for the poor marines that would get that assignment.
  19. We cant even be rational enough to have embassies in each others nations who the hell believes a hot line would ever happen.
  20. dont know if this is the greatest idea in the world, why pull on the tigers tail. http://news.yahoo.com/taiwan-hails-missile...-084816584.html
  21. sounds like a crappy design flaw to me, should be a sensor in the wheel assembly that senses the weight of the aircraft, if there is weight button should be dead if there is no weight (in flight or lifted for service) then button is live. Pretty simple, hell I think my ford truck has it for the air suspension system...
  22. whole bunch of ships at least in the trailer http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/battleship.html?showVideo=1
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