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Lisbon We Have A Problem (Old Friends Part 2)

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This is a continuation of my previous scenario found here: http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?a...mp;showfile=266


This is version 2 of this scenario it has been changed due to running aground problems and orders rewritten since version one orders were written on very little sleep geography was off :) Sorry


The military of Indonesia has decided that the experiment of Democracy is a failure. Ever since the last elections nothing good has come of it. The country has lost the lands in East Timor due to outside pressures. Piracy and corruption is an ever increasing problem and slowly there have been hints that some of the furthest island from the capital may seek to split off. General Djoko Santoso has taken control after a short and bloody coup and has begun to reorganize the military. So far there has been little resistance but the army has suffered from spending cuts over the years and will take time to mobilize. The navy and some of the air force units that were being used for anti piracy are well trained and funded; they only needed a target...


Before being taken over by Indonesia at one point East Timor was a Portuguese colony and now that it is again independent ties are starting to form with its former colonial master. Since East Timor as gained independence from Indonesia it has had the support of both Portuguese and Australian forces and governments and both nations have maintained small garrisons there.


While traveling on a friendship cruise the Corte Real group of the Portuguese navy came under attack in international waters by Indonesian forces and forced to defend itself. What follows are exerts from a briefing given to the media.


The Corte Real group was able to fight its way to Dili East Timor but in the process the light frigate NRP Joao Coutinho was lost with all hands on board. Not since The Battle of Surigao Strait as there been a naval battle of this type and the young Portuguese sailors fought like men possessed. While the other ships of the small group were all damaged they managed to make port at Dili and in the process destroy or force to retire from the field at least 10 Indonesian ships. Also the small detachment of training aircraft of the Australian Air Force was able to destroy Indonesian ground troops on their way to the Timorese Capital and with the help of aircraft from the Australian mainland they managed to down various attack aircraft attempting to attack Dili itself.




Lisbon we Have a Problem


**Captains Log of NRP Afonso Cerqueira**

Once Corte Real made it to Dili everything got pretty quiet we sent the AO due east to get it away and it managed to get into Australian waters. According to Lisbon the Indonesians are ignoring calls from everybody not just us. After 4 days we began to relax a bit and it seems that was our downfall. A sub seems to have gotten in close and tried to put a torp into the Corte Real, luckily it exploded in the mud but it was close enough that it bent the hell out of her shaft and he is dead in the water.


We managed to secure the services of a Tug and are now waiting for the Vasco de Gama group to enter the area from the Persian Gulf, if she can run cover for us and keep the Indonesians busy we may be able to sneak out the back door.


The European Union has decided to begin talks of sanctions against Indonesia but at this time there is to be no military action taken. Even Australia seems to be backing down slightly from its earlier stance and decided not to provide any additional military aircraft or surface combatants then those already involved. The United States Diplomat to Portugal mentioned something off key about the Chinese situation but would not elaborate and only said that at this time they would be monitoring the situation but would not get involved.




Corte Real group is to head south into the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf where the group will be in range of Australian fighters to make sure the Indonesians can't finish the Corte Real once and for all. The good news is the Portuguese President himself ordered a jet loaded with Harpoons and other necessities to replenish the group and we will be fully loaded. The Australian navy has also supplied us with 2 Helicopters and crews and they will be flying off the Afonso Cerqueira. The Timorese "Navy" has sent out two ships to try to help us leave the area.


**Top Secret Vasco da Gama Group Commander Eyes Only**


After the cowardly attacks on our ships Lisbon has decided to send a message that will be clearly understood. Your mission will meet two goals, first you will draw attention from the Corte Real so he can make it to safety and secondly you will force the Indonesians to pick up the damn phone and talk to us. You will take your group sail into the Sunda Straight and get into visual range of Java Once there you will fire a few star shells over any Merchant Indonesian vessels and destroy any Indonesian Naval ships this should make our meaning understood.



It also has been decided that before the Indonesians can destroy or damage the Dili airport that the New President of East Timor will be flown home. He is currently waiting at Tindal Air Base you are to give orders to the crew of the transport that brought our supplies from Portugal to fly to Tindal pick up the Timorese President and fly back to Dili as quickly as possible. Once the aircraft has dropped him off it should fly back to Tindal ASAP, the Portuguese President cannot afford the loss of political capital after ordering this aircraft into the area if it's shot down or destroyed on the ground.




According to our sources both Indonesian subs are operating, the one that attacked Corte Real was heard escaping towards the west of Dili and their second unit according to Intel supplied by the Americans maybe in the Sunda straight. There are about 14 surface combatants in operation but information is very sporadic. The Indonesian Air Force seems to have been caught somewhat by surprise and have not been able to recoup their losses from earlier actions. They have begun to pull some aircraft out of mothballs but its unknown if they have the pilots to fly them or their quality.


Scenario Notes:


**Tug and ship under Tow rules follow:

The Corte Real cannot move on its own. If the Tug is operational you can use 16 knots as the maximum speed for the group. If the Tug is destroyed then Afonso Cerqueira will take on the tow line and the maximum group speed is reduces to 5 knots. If both the Afonso Cerqueira and Tug are lost the Corte Real is dead in the water and may not move unless you manage to move the Vasco da Gama group in join them together and continue the tow south at a top speed of 5 knots.


The Deepak is an Indian replenishment ship; the Indian government was helpful in refueling the Vasco da Gama group overnight. It is our hope the Indonesians don't find out about this and that she can get out of the area unnoticed.


To achieve maximum victory conditions The Vasco da Gama group will have to reach its destination off the coast of Java and the Corte Real will need to reach the Gulf of Joseph Bonaparte. Time on Station is set for 2 or 3 hours.


Also I suggest you do not use the auto air patrol for some reason I could not set them up properly for blue Thanks.

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