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About This File

Lets Go To War


A Harpoon Commander's Edition (HCE) scenario for the Westpac Battleset.


This scenario is intended for play by the BLUE side only.


What if China carried out its threat to attack Taiwan? What if North Korea launched an offensive against South Korea? What if an reinvigorated Russia was complicit with both aggressors? What if all of these conflicts happened at the same time? This scenario examines the hypothetical worst case scenario, the stuff of nightmares for Westpac war planners.


Please Note: This scenario is very large (a "monster"), and it is both memory and labor intensive. You will not be able to maintain good control of all your units at all times, and you will take losses. Some units you may have to sacrifice. For some players, that might be frustrating. I have added some limited air patrols for BLUE which might help to reduce the burden in the opening phase of the scenario. If you think this might be useful, enable Auto Formation Air Patrols for this scenario.


Victory Conditions tip: Sink 25 enemy ships or destroy 15 enemy bases. Keep your carriers alive! ;)

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