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  1. hi tony it has some priority for me, otherwise i would not have asked for it. We cannot model UAV or the difference between some carriers with the current limitation René
  2. was already on shedule to be scrapped next year.... so the frigate will go to the breakers a bit earlier
  3. German Freighter Nordlake sinks Indian Frigate Vindhyagiri source "Times of India" .....
  4. Yes started in 0.19 saved the game, stopped the GE and restartet it again. Getting a Mem Allocation error. The BS is my Falkland BS. I had no problem with the saved game. I used GE 2010.19, DB 95to10db110112 (didn't have the 110107 used for saved game) and your Faulklands BS. The game opened and ran. I saved the game as a new name and 'opened' the newly saved game which ran with no problems. Could it have been the version of the database? Don I´ll try it again,
  5. I´ll upload a fixed version today..... done... HC-95to10-DB_110112 is up Thanks for the report about the faulty weapon and loadout!
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