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Persian Incursion


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Greetings All,


Just thought I'd drop by and share the exciting news that Clash of Arms Games is now shipping Persian Incursion! Persian Incursion is a standalone game based on the Harpoon 4 rules simulating a hypothetical Israeli air campaign against the Iranian nuclear program. The game uses a card-driven system to simulate the complex political situation surrounding the campaign, with players spending Political, Intelligence, and Military Points to take actions ranging from issuing a U.N. resolution, to blocking the Straits of Hormuz, to bombing the Iranian uranium enrichment facility at Natanz. The Israelis can destroy any target in Iran sooner or later...but the Iranians are masters of asymmetric warfare, and will be doing their best to undermine the Israeli campaign and deny them the overflight rights they'll need to hit their targets. Can the Israelis accomplish their objective before the window off opportunity slams shut?


Platforms modeled include the F-15I Ra'am, F-16I Soufa, Shavit special missions aircraft, F-4E Phantom, J-7M Fishbed, F-5E Tiger II, and of course the famous Iranian F-14s! There are options in the political game for one side or the other to get a superpower ally, which means the Iranians might look up and see F-22s overhead...or the Israelis might see Su-27 Flankers closing in on their radar screens. The game also includes rules for modeling Iran's ballistic missile arm and Israel's Arrow-3 and PAC-3 missile defense systems.


For more information, you can go to the Clash of Arms site at http://www.clashofarms.com/Persian%20Incursion.html




-Jeff Dougherty

Co-Designer, Persian Incursion

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Jeff, thank you for sharing, the PDF at the PI page is handy as well!


Do you happen to have any AARs available to get a feel for the complexity and time required to attempt one of the scenarios?


Thanks for the response, Tony!


This isn't an AAR per se, but a few weeks back I did a Q&A over at the forums on ConSimWorld about gameplay and other PI issues. The discussion can be found at: http://talk.consimworld.com/WebX?14@739.XP...8.8@.1dd4d88d/0 . Just keep hitting the "More" button at the bottom of the page until you get to the end. There are also more preview images on that page, although Ed may have cross-posted them to the Clash of Arms site since.


If anyone has further questions, I will continue to watch this space, the ConSimWorld forum, and email. PI is definitely something different and new, but I definitely want to make sure the Harpoon community is aware of it. (I actually got my own start in wargaming playing Commander's Edition on CD back in high school...)




-Jeff D.

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Well, that makes me feel old. Thanks! :P


Yeah, I've gotten that a lot on this project... :D


Congrats on the release of Persian Incursion. Looks good!


There was a little bit of promotion here back in March. B)


That's actually how I found this place- Googling to see if we'd gotten any notice, and found these forums. Figured people here would be interested in my shamelessly blatant shilling a new product announcement in the Harpoon line.



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