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1/6000 scale modern naval mini's


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check out this link for what you should do with your helos

Pretty cool Dewayne, but these guys are 1/6000 while I believe the helos on the link are either 15-28mm. No I'm not exactly sure what 1/6000 is in "mm", but they are definitely much smaller than my 1:285 helos, which equate to 6mm. Not sure if they make a motor/engine so these tiny birds.


Thanks though


What do you think of my rotor creation?

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Those VLCC's look like great torpedo fodder. ;)

And the photos do not do them justice, particualarly the VLCC's - blame the cameraman, not the camera.


here's a tangent: Brad, are you familiar with the term "dope" in relation to the individual sight picture/windage adjustments made on a rifle to get to some consistent "battle sight zero"? The saying goes "it's not the dope on the weapon, but the dope behind it". Same-Same with me on that camera - a pink A-6! :D go figure.


Now back to 1/6000 minis.

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Spruance VLS, A. Burke Flt IIa, Wasp (LHD), LCACs, F-18s, AH-1Ws, CH-46s, CH-53s all assembled and mounted last weekend, hopefully pics up this weekend. Some russian ships, and a number of russian aircraft, along with some duplicate LHD's still to be painted.

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Bunker Hill CG



Arleigh Burke Flight IIa DDG



USS Kearsarge LHD-3



Kearsarge Expeditionary Strike Group



2x LCACs at 1/6000....very tiny.



An over the horizon amphibious assault in the making...where are my Ospreys!



A gaggle of CH-46 Frogs, I can honestly say the last CH-46 has been born. :)



A section of AH-1W Cobras (Snakes)



A section of A-6E from previous batch



A section of F/A-18E/F



A solitary CH-53E Hog.



USS Whitbey Island, LSD-41


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Natural sunlight with these most recent, most came out ok. I like the shadows under the F/A-18's. Open to suggestions on a color for these cockpit glass - keeping in mind that these are 1/6000. I think it would add something.

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6x Kilo SS and 3x Victor I SSN's yesterday. More FSU/Soviet to follow. Subs are pretty tiny, not taking anything away from the LCAC's though.


Will try to get a photo up in a day or two, although black on deep sea blue does not give much contrast. My pressing need for a sub was my gaming which I had everything represented in mini except for the cardboard counter for the kilo.


Finally, what I initially thought were Spruance CG's, but later determined that Spruances were DD's, now turns out that the model is Bunker Hill CG (developed from the Ticonderoga). I reviewed my packing list which confirmed to me that they are my Bunker Hill's? :D

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Enter the Russians.


Last night paintings included 5x Sovremenny DDG's, 3x Neustrashimy FF, 2x Udaloy II DDG, and 1x Tu-95 Bear-D.


The beauty of this batch, particularly the Sovremenny, is that many OPFORs can be depicted - Russia, China, and hey at 1/6000 it can even by mistaken for an Indian Type 15 Dehli Class destroyer. Pics of these, and the subs from a while back, hopefully to be taken, transferred, and posted this weekend.

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