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  1. Oh, what part helped? Congrats! The settings of the .exe files
  2. Finally the mouse is functioning!!!!! Thanks Tony for your useful advise! Frans
  3. Two things I would try, neither is likely to help... 1) Try a lower screen resolution on your computer like 1600 x anything. What screen resolution are you running? My left screen is 1280 x 1024, center is 1920 x 1080, and right is 1920 x 1080. Normally I run H3 on the right-hand screen. 2) Uninstall any software that came with the mouse so that you are using the bare Windows mouse driver. Third, you might try contacting Russell or Don Gilman, can't say I've seen mouse issues in 3.10. Final thought, make sure you applied the update via the check for updates mechanism or by downloading from Matrix member's area. I have tried to play ANW3.10 with recommended screen resolutions, no result. I removed silver crest software and tried it with the basic Microsoft [plug/play] mouse, no result I did contact Rusty already 1 week ago, also did contact Don Gilman. He asked Rusty to look at this issue. By the way. 3.9.4. is running without problems. 3.6.3 and ANW 3.10 are the two versions with the mouse problems. Thanks for your advise, I really appreciate. Frans.
  4. Someone can help me with the mouse-issue? I need technical support. I know how to play the game, but, I do not have the [technical] knowledge to solve this problem myself. In one or the other way, the compability thing is not working. Windows7 install the game properly, it also start normally, but as soon I touch the mouse. Problem start. Many thanks and best regards, Frans [aka Taitennek]
  5. Heya Tony, In both windowed and fullscreen. The mouse pointer moves a bit, but then stop and disapear/freeze. My mouse is working fine outside the ANW screen. I am using a silvercrest mouse [sTMS 22.8A1-M] I also tried it with a Microsoft Compact Optical mouse 500v2.0 [basic mouse] Frans P.S. I only face the problems with ANW. HUCE is working without any problems [but, I am not interested in HUCE that much ]
  6. You´re talking about 3.10 HUE? And this happens after a fresh install for the first time? Fresh install. Yes, Harpoon ANW 3.10
  7. Hello there, Facing troubles with running Harpoon ANW on my new Laptop. My mouse pointer doesn't react. System: Windows7 Home Premium [64-bit]. Can someone help me to fix this problem? Thanks, Taitennek
  8. Come on Frans, there are some great names in that list! It won't cost you even a penny. The pooners election always was an open election, now it is an election with nominations, my candidate is not listed. With all respect to 4 out of the 5 candidates, it was my intention to vote for Darren to honor him for all his work for the Harpoon Community. Since Darren already was Pooner of the Year, I had made up my mind to vote for François Guérin for his contribution to the HUD-4 Database for Harpoon ANW. I vote for Christopher Irvine as I am free to post my comments on the topics in the Old Pooners Forum on Facebook. But.......... I cannot vote because I see the following message....... btw. I did not vote at all, so, the message showed is not correct. Cheers, Frans
  9. If the current names are the only candidates for the 2011 Pooner election, I will not vote. Thanks, Frans.
  10. My vote goes to François "Gunny" Guérin for his contribution to the HUD4 Database. Cheers, Frans Koenz [aka Taitennek]
  11. TAITENNEK'S HARPOON PAGES Ralf Koelbach's PASON 8 & 9 Scenario Pages are online!!!! Checkt this link: http://www.taitennek.com/hud3-db/hud3-index.htm Have fun! Greetings, Frans Koenz [owner Taitennek's Harpoon Pages
  12. Heya all! Ralf's newest scenario, VISIT TO VALDEZ [Mod. version] scenario page is available on TAITENNEK'S HARPOON PAGES Have fun! Frans [Owner Taitennek's Harpoon Pages]
  13. Howdy, A new section is available on "Taitennek's Harpoon Pages" !! Dale Hillier's ANW-Database scenario pages: http://www.taitennek.com/anw-db/anwdb-index.htm Have fun! Frans [aka Taitennek] P.S. I invite all scenario-designers to send in their work. I will create a nice scenario-information page for you!
  14. TAITENNEK'S HARPOON PAGES HC/HCE UPDATE A NEW SECTION IS ONLINE!!!! WESTERN PACIFIC BATTLESET 12 exiting scenario's from various author's. Have fun! Frans Koenz [aka Taitennek]
  15. TAITENNEK'S HARPOON PAGES HUD-3 DATABASE Russian Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov [photo: unknown author] Heya all! Check this link to enter the HUD-section on Taitennek's Harpoon Pages: HUD-3 SECTION Comments, etc. are welcome at: HUD3-Mailbox Scenario Designers: I invite you to send in your work and I will publish it on your behalf Enjoy! Greetings, Frans Koenz [owner website]
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