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  1. Command: Modern Air and Naval Operation: 65% off = $27.99 US. Since I have CPU and RAM to burn, it's time for me to try this game out. Northern Inferno is 50% off as well = $9.99 US. Mav 2nd Note: Same prices available on Matrix Games. If you've stayed away from this game because of sticker shock, paying 27.99 + 11.97 (DLC) + 9.99 (Northern Inferno), i.e. 50 bucks vs 112 for the same content at full price, is a good deal. I have a 5-day weekend coming up over New Years after covering Christmas for the other 2 people, and I intend to spend it blowing things up.
  2. The 2015.001 scenedit 32 does the same thing on EC2003 IOPG #5 and EC2003 MEDC #11 at least. I don't have any old still working (not expired beta) GEs or I would have tried those.
  3. I've seen it in other EC2003 scens that I was looking through for ideas...but I don't remember which ones right now. Anyway, just saying that's not the only one.
  4. Actually, there was an 80-cm German weapon used in World War II that took two tracks to run on. Dora
  5. Heck, I'd just like to have access to the tool to *see* the flags and such on the old DBs, not necessarily to edit them. If I want an up-to-date DB that can be edited as time goes on, I can use the current modular setup. However, to be able to know what a/c can fly vlow, what missile min/max alts are, etc are info I'd love to know. Also, various base defenses.
  6. Just to revisit this topic a bit: I did try running Harpoon in Wineskin on my Mac, but the graphic glitch, and the issues with the scenario editor pretty much killed it for me. The GE runs perfectly aside from the graphic issues, though. I did get a few other games to run perfectly in Wineskin, though. Good enough to go out to gog.com and get the 'complete' installers with all the expansions cheap, and install them in Wineskin wrappers. A couple of them even run better under Wineskin than the Mac ports did. What I do now, and will continue to do, is run HCE in a Windows XP VM under VirtualBox. Everything works perfectly, including the scenario editor, and I can even run it in 'Seamless Mode' which puts the windows directly on my Mac desktop. No 64-bit problems like with Windows 7. As far as security issues with end-of-life XP, I just turned off the network card for the VM, and move files to it with a shared folder capablilty built into VirtualBox. However, I will most likely try installing H3 in a skin at some point, and see how it does, though. It shouldn't have the same issues, since it's newer.
  7. What debug option will show a message when my own missiles and/or torpedoes run out of fuel and go away?
  8. I have seen the AI launch bearing-only Sandboxes and Shipwrecks on a long, thin ESM hit, and get it too short, killing their own ships. Had a Kirov kill a Slava while the Slava killed two Sovremennys. So, sometimes the AI does stuff like that, yes. As far as from the code side, I can't answer that.
  9. Yeah, not about to shell out that much for it at this point. 80 bucks for the digital edition? Not happening anytime soon, for what I'm hearing is not a comp;lete game yet. Not when I'm used to picking up 1A titles on launch day for half that.
  10. I'm getting ready to run this old scenario with the help of the Toolbox's auto search patterns, and the 'cover' command. Should save me some micromanagement...
  11. If you are after the functions in "Toolbox" then you need to get the latest file from: http://harpgamer.com/harpforum/index.php?/files/file/809-toolbox/ and put the zipped DLL into the exportDLL folder of your installation. The toolbox should appear when you start the game, you will need a recent beta main program. Is this what you are after? Just making sure there wasn't a prerequisite DLL package to download in addition to your Toolbox. I've played with it some, and I'm getting an idea of how it works. Found the missing stuff, too. I'm just old and blind, that's all.
  12. That should work fine. Thanks for the confirmation, Tony. It seemed to work fine, but I wanted to make sure.
  13. To be clear, Tony, I can just add the files from the current >100 revisions to my working 2009.79ish install and proceed, right? My HUCE update doesn't work....
  14. I don't need other DLLs to load this, right? I don't see the cover function, etc...
  15. We respect the DB author's decision and reasons for safeguarding his work. I respect that, as well, but I also reserve the right to be annoyed when bugs crop up in it that I can't fix because of his choices. I'll leave the subject alone, just noting that it's just one more reason NOT to play H3/ANW.
  16. I simply subscribe to the "If you feel like you're gaming the game, and you don't like it...don't do it." As far as ANW/H3, it'd be fine if the DBs worked as advertised. But the official ones are pretty buggy, and HUD-4, you're not even allowed to fix yourself.
  17. Yeah, Tomcats aren't exactly stealthy. I'm guessing the ships in question don't have air search.
  18. I can run very large scenarios at full compression in my Windows XP VM that's only given *1 core* of my i7. Something else is sucking up CPU if Harpoon runs slow on an i-series CPU.
  19. Should this say "2009.076 is *now* the most recent..."? I mean yes, it's technically a beta, but that's what many of us who come here are using.
  20. The 'stock' Ultimate Commanders Edition version from Matrix is 2009.050, as far as I know. In the Beta forum here is the 2009.072 zip that includes the newer usni battleset, and a couple other files. After installing that, get the 2009.076 file from the same post. At that point you'll be at the 'best stable' configuration.
  21. Tony, didn't one issue isolate that running Instant Action sometimes will cause the 'stopped group' bug?
  22. Yep, for sure. One of the reasons why I think a simple (or relatively so) logistics model is probably the low hanging fruit. Options might include: not saddling the AI with any logistics constraints, or making it a part of the SE process (more complex, but then 'hard wired' into the scenario).Perhaps something that could be put in the scenario as options? "Don't allow AI loadout changes" "Only allow X missions with PGM" (Oh, you did say 'as part of the SE process...missed that) As Tony said, not sure the AI could handle logistics well, so you'd have to lean on the scenario writer if restrictions were wanted. @Grumble: We really haven't switched positions. The coding situation is another reason why I'd be leery of any forced logistics situations. Tony's great, but there's only one of him, and I also know a few things about new babies.
  23. See, to me, all those are choices you make yourself. Just because the game allows you to do it and doesn't restrict you...doesn't mean you're required to go that way. If you want realism, act that way, if the game isn't set up to enforce it. As I posted before, I'd be fine with it if the game did enforce logistics, but I want all the pieces to work before it forces me into anything.
  24. That's pretty much my own view of it. I want logistics because it reflects reality, and I want my game to strive for that. I would be perfectly glad to to do that...if you could guarantee it worked all the time, unlike H2/3's system, that only works for one aspect, and is very sensitive to how it's set up, and like so many things in that GE, works seemingly when it wants, and also depends on the DB author a lot. I would want AoE's and UNREP to work reliably, not just air weapon magazines. If I want to get into that, I want it all. Otoh, I can also limit myself to X number of Harpoons taking off from the airfield or carrier, w/o in-game restrictions, if I wish. And I've actually never HARMed a cruiser to death, even in the old days. If I want to 'cheat' I'm only hurting my own experience. I've never felt like I 'won' when I did that. I always hated that the sub hunting AI would drop a buoy right on top of the real location as soon as it lost contact. (No longer happens.)
  25. In Harpoon, you are the Theater Commander. If you tell him to load those planes, he will see it done, or you'll get someone else who will.
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