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TacOps Live Scenario Test


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Anyone with TacOps wanting to test a scenario over the TacOps TC/IP function one night this week, let me know. It would be a Custom US Army scenario that I have orders and OOB's for on Map540c (See More Maps folder in TacOps Extras within the TacOps directory). It could be you vs me, or bring a buddy and I'll umpire it. Your inner Creighton Abrams may be calling.

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Thursday could definitely be a "go". It is not a days long affair, it's only 2hrs game time. Should not take much longer than that real time. What would interest you generally, attack or defend?

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I'd lean more towards defense.


Weapons & Tactics of the Soviet Army


Anti-Tank Weapons; 100mm anti-tank guns; Tactical employment


Found in all but Tank Divisions. They are too large, too easily spotted and too vulnerable to be deployed in the first echelon.


The T-12 has an offensive role, especially in the breakthrough attack. The anti-tank battalion deploys in the in the forward Soviet positions under the cover of darkness or an artillery barrage. During the artillery preparation they will repulse any enemy spoiling attacks, cover the deployment of the attacking units along the line of departure, and engage armored vehicles and anti-tank weapons in the enemy defensive position. During the attack the T-12s will use their fire to prevent enemy armor threatening the flanks of the advancing Soviet units and, if the attack is successful, they will cover the deployment of the division’s second echelon, and then move forward themselves to consolidate the objective. If the attack fails and the Soviets are forced to adopt a hasty defense, the long-ranged T-12s will support them against enemy counter-attacks.


In the pursuit, or in a meeting engagement, the Soviets position T-12s in the open and engage enemy armor at close range. In these situations the Soviets are willing to accept the loss of three or four T-12s for each tank destroyed.



T-12 batteries are often deployed on reverse slopes, as they can be depressed to a much greater degree than the Soviet tank guns. Depending on the direction of the threat, the guns will be deployed in line, in a two-line “checkerboard” formation, in echelon, or in a “U”. When all-around defense is important, the guns will be in a rhomboid-shaped formation. Guns are deployed between 200 and 500m apart, often in platoon firing positions. If time permits, one to three alternative firing positions will be designated or prepared for each gun, with concealed routes for changing positions.



Each battery’s reconnaissance section deploys forward of the battery position to give warning of enemy tanks.


* * *


48th Motorized Rifle Division is extreme right flank of a Soviet multi-division attack to the southwest. The Divisional Anti-Tank Battalion, reinforced by elements of the Divisional Reconnaissance Battalion and a company of T-80U tanks has been assigned the task to defend the division’s right flank from an anticipated enemy counterattack from the west. You command the reinforced Anti-Tank Battalion. Your area of operations is contained within the area 000014-060080-100080-075000-000014. The division second echelon is making its movement to the southwest using the movement corridor to the east of your unit along 10-12 Northing.


Your mission is to prevent any enemy penetration through your zone that would allow its direct fire to interdict the second echelon’s movement through the corridor until no earlier than 0800.



Your forces are as follows:



Anti-Tank Battalion

2x Anti-Tank Battery (6x T-12 ATG, 6x MT-LB, 2x BRDM-2 each)

1x Anti-Tank Guided Missile Battery (9x BRDM-2/AT-5)


Elements of Reconnaissance Battalion

2x Reconnaissance Companies (4x BRDM-2, 4x BMP-1 each)


Tank Company (10x T-80U Main Battle Tanks)


Artillery Support (15x ICM, 50x HE, 6x Smoke) 0% chance of resupply.


Air Support (1x sortie, ground alert +8min), 10% chance of additional support.


4x surface laid mine markers with 25m visibility.



Before thursday night, try and open a two person battle in TacOps, US Army Custom scenario, and then for the map go to TacOps Extras/More Maps to locate Map540c and its data. Go to map and select show grid lines and then again to show grid coordinates. Your unit's tactical boundaries are given above.


Then give me an idea of where you would like to deploy the six sections and individual recon sections of the two respective Anti-Tank Gun Batteries, where you would like to position the ATGM platoons of the ATGM Battery, the reconnaissance company, tank company and the mines.


With that I'll create the .tac file for thursday.




If anyone else is interested, please let me know.

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Or, I can send you the current .tac file already set up that I have. If you wanted to, you would be able to open Red Orders, go to enable Umpire, and then magic move individual units by holding shift and left clicking the unit, then left clicking where you want it on the map...within your area of operations of course. Before we start you would need to send me the file, entrusting me not to open Red Orders. :)

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Would you prefer using the map only, and giving orders and intent based upon sitreps, spotreps, etc received?

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It was fun to umpire and even watch. If anyone is interested, even for a beer and pretzels come as you are and blow stuff up, I'd be willing to host.

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Bees to Honey, sure did, but honestly once you fired the smoke missions between your northern force and those pesky RPG-7 armed recon survivors you were able to break contact and roll on toward the objective area. :D

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