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Thanks Wombat for the fast answer, now I can sleep calmed, ;)

I was looking for only between the 1950s and 1960s submarines ....

What interesting piece of machinery the Explorer.

This issue has remembered me about 1960s Popular Mechanics, with Ed Valigursky centerfolds of Experimental Submarines, American Planes in Vietnam, and American Helicopters in Vietnam, but I dont find none in the Net.

About Explorer and Simon Lake:


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Happy Fifth if July!

Forgot to post this the other week: HMCS Haida, the last tribal class destroyer, photographed 1983 in Toronto.

Follow this link:


Larry G


Those splendid photos remembers me about the fine site of HMCS Haida, very detailed and very interesting:


And with these two important links about radar and sonar, many times readed by me, and with interesting data:


specially this one:


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On my way to Gettysburg.

Before I leave:

There was an article the other week about th possibility/probability of the USS Olympia of Admiral Dewey fame being scrapped or sunk as a reef because of lack of upkeep funds. I zipped down to Philly with my camera just in case.

I would urge anyone with the time to spare to make a visit before the announced November 22 closong date. She is a facinating mix of sailing ship layout and steel construction. It would be a shame if she is lost.

If anyone plans to visit, please drop me a line. There a a few photos that I missed.


Link at:


I'll be adding captions over the next couple of weeks after I return.

Larry Gertner

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