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Board Wargames...an obsession?


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A quiet saturday morning led me up into the attic to inventory my board wargames. Other than determining that I have a problem, so says my wife, here is what I found.



Into the Bear Trap


Avalanche Press

Battle of the Bulge

Afrika Korps Desert War

East Front (2nd Ed.)

Heroes of the Soviet Union


Avalon Hill

Tactics II

MBT/IDF (could not put my hands on IDF but I know its here somewhere)


Flight Leader


The Guns of August


Fortress Europe

Russian Front

Panzer Blitz (couldn't put my hands on it but I know that Arab Israeli Wars is here somewhere)

Squad Leader

SL Creshendo of Doom

SL Cross of Iron

ASL (couldn't put hands on the binder or eastern front module)

ASL Tarawa Historical Module


Clash of Arms

Harpoon 4.1

High Tide

South Atlantic War II

White Ensign

Sea of Dragons

Airpower/The Speed of Heat

Rising Sun

Super Marina I



Twilight In The East


The Gamers

OCS Case Blue

OCS Enemy at the Gates

OCS Guderians Blitzkrieg II

OCS Hubes Pocket

OCS Tunisia

OCS Korea


TCS Gross Deutschland 40

TCS Gross Deutschland 41



Combined Arms

Command Decision 2

Third World War TWW

TWW Arctic Front

TWW Southern Front

TWW Persian Gulf

Sands of War

Sands of War Expansion Kit

Air Superiority

Air Support


Bundeswehr (Assault)

Boots & Saddles (Assault)

Chieftan (Assault)

Phase Line Smash

Battle of Basra


Lock & Load Games

World At War Eisenbach Gap

World At War Death of First Panzer

World At War Blood & Bridges

Forgotten Heroes

Band of Heroes

Day of Heroes


Omega Games

Solo Ranger (2nd Ed.)

Main Balle Area

Desert Victory

AirLand Battle


One Small Step

Millenium Wars: Iraq

Millenium Wars: Kashmir

Millenium Wars: America

Millenium Wars: Korea

Millenium Wars: Air War



Red Storm Rising

A Line In The Sand



Victoy Games

Flash Point Golan

Gulf Strike 3rd Ed.

Aegean Strike

2nd Fleet

5th Fleet

6th Fleet

Nato The Next War in Europe

Panzer Command


West End Games

Air & Armor


Firefight Games

Zulqfars Blow


Dan Veressen Games

Hornet Leader II


Command Magazine



Hell Before Night


Operational Studies Group

Panzer Krieg



Light Division



Modern Battles Quad (Chinese Farm, Golan, Wurzburg, Mukden)

City Fight

Division Commander

MechWar 77

5th Corps

Panzer Battles

Berlin 85

Red Dragon Rising


Various Miniatures


Ambush Alley


Fox Two Reheat

Airwar C21


Maybe a few more escaping my search...and memory today.

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FWIW ... West End Games "Air Cav" (helecopters).


And i have 2 or 3 more ASL modules (red barricades, Stoumount, Pegasus bridge). And more importanly, i COULD find my ASL binder :-)


I think i still have West End Games "Firepower".


I also have (and is my most used) GDW Twilight 2000 RPG + mods (all electronic).

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Very nice collection Pete!


Mine consists of:

H4.1 boxed set

Harpoon 3, SAW, and other add-ons

Harpoon Captain's Edition

Gulf Strike

War At Sea

War At Sea 2


The only one where I've successfully completed a scenario is War at Sea :blink:

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Was able to locate both IDF and Arab-Israeli Wars, albeit sans rule book for the latter. A pdf of the rule book is however available for download at boardgamegeek.com.


Fox Two Reheat by email...hmm


Addition to One Small Step: Millenium Wars: Ukraine

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I dunno about an obsession but that list certainly makes me want to explore a career in breaking and entering...


'Course, I've always had a problem with finding an opponent... Panzer Leader solo as a kid was fun but I lacked the rigor you've shown, Pete!

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