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During aircraft operations TonyD and I are receiving this message.

If you ignore the message the GE doesn't crash.

TonyD found that it occurs with multiple db's.

At this point neither TonyD or I have found it affects game play.



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I have observe it seems to trigger when five or more groups are created say simultaneously. Have noticed on both HCDB, HCDB and stand DB in an GIUK HSD III Scenario Redlighting.


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When splitting air group DZA. There were 10, 3 plane sections to make the group. When splitting all 10, 3 plane sections at 1 time the error occurred.

Attached is a saved game before the groups were split.

I don't remember if ti was as I was splitting the groups or when the GE created the individual groups.

Attached is the latest copy of my db.

HCEEFDB-220731.zip Run Time Error.zip

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