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  1. I have observe it seems to trigger when five or more groups are created say simultaneously. Have noticed on both HCDB, HCDB and stand DB in an GIUK HSD III Scenario Redlighting.
  2. Update: Decided to check any possible difference between 17909 and 15928. Finding unlike 15928 base which has both a red and blue base present. 17909 has only one so it seems the issue is just showing what the DBs present leaving base color to creating a base while reducing number of base present in the DB to only one each while color column having to effect on selection. Not sure if removing color column would have any effect on SE base selection. That is above my paygrade.
  3. recently while works was done with future data base It was notice on the base selection popup almost all bases only highlighted Blue for Named bases and Red for almost all ZZdonotuse base. It did not matter which color was selected for base creation. The create a base popup determined the color of the base created regardless of the country base popup's color. In short if you selected create red base in pop up screen and chose the only available blue base listed that you wanted it would still be a red base upon selection. This happened with ZZdonotuse red labeled bases if create blue base was selected. The base would be a blue base. It seems only to happen to DB 17909. Attach is the images during the process used. The first image is creat a base which red is red. The second image show a blue base Bejing selected but a red base Bejing is created. The reverse happens if create a blue base is selected and a red ZZdonotuse base is select it will become a blue base. SE version 2022.008 by me and Eric had same result while Ralf using 2022.005 was the first to notice the issue. ZZ
  4. Hey TonyE I have found a older version of BS builder version 2017.0.1.1. Which does not have the issue found in 2010 version. TonyD
  5. Tried that but it still persisted. I then tried bringing LR Lat to less then -30.000 and no problem. Maybe the is an area limit I am not aware of.
  6. Hey TonyE I was trying to make a map for the possible new Battleset. I have had on and off luck with it but lately all I get when trying to produce it is this error and then have to close the creator with Task Manager. Attached is the screen shot I get. TonyD
  7. Eric Here is a fresh same game right after direct launch at base. Next attack should be to the west as a BOL launch to test affects. Tony BOL test.hpo
  8. Eric Your attachment looks like the GE.log I zip filed and downloaded to the forum. I am not sure what you want. TonyD
  9. Hey Donald Thanks for giving it a run. Seems you received the same treatment I also got. Regardless of which option to Abort Retry or Ignore I also got a chance to launch but upon choosing weapons and attempting launch ended with same results. I have your tools running but I have never had that happen before so unlikely that would contribute in anyway but thought I would add that for TonyE to consider. Thanks TonyD
  10. Hey Eric Did you get the result with doing a Bearing only launch also? Strange you got land attack weapon available as the F18E were equip with Slammers which are for both land and sea? That seems to be another issue? TonyD
  11. Ok ran it again to get a fresh GE.log. Launch two flights each containing one Growler and one F18e. One was sent directly to attack the red base the other sent to patrol halfway to red base. Allowed direct attack to be completed no problem. Did BOA attack with both planes sent to patrol point. Received error messages and upon hitting any options game closed. Sending message received and the recent GE.log. Thanks again TonyD ge.zip
  12. Hey TonyE Was playing the Block 2 Mediterranean Scenario and came upon a BOA crash event. Version 2022.006 Scenario Block 2 Battleset Med 2003 DB 15928 Upon launching a group or Growlers with decoy I launched them at a base with the expected results. I also did the same with a group of F18E with slammers with the expected results I then tried to use BOA attacks of which both ordinance I believe are capable of. In both case the believe attached png was the result and upon clicking any button shut down the game. I have attached a test scenario for testing. I simply launched both set of aircrafts to attack red base directly. I then use a bearing only attack at the base and receive the error provided in the test file provided. Thanks TonyD testmald.zip
  13. Welcome Back. To get to the latest beta version go to HC beta testing then general and then to current files. It will explain after loading the game to 2009.50 how to get to the latest version. The latest version will be needed to play the latest scenarios. Also some scenarios will require a specific DB or data base mainly the 17909 to run.
  14. Tony

    Group Id assignment

    I would vote selection one as it seems to be the most similar to the system in place now. I have thought they always recycled after reaching HZ. It would the go and just reuse the first empty Id from AA after that with new group creation.
  15. Hey TonyE It did the job and I think I remember trying to update with the game still open at the time. Sadly I even knew better then to do that. Thanks TonyD
  16. Hey Tony While helping Eric on a issue I became aware of an issue. We find out that a 0kts problem Eric was having occur in version 2021.014 but was not occurring with his test scenario with my computer which was only at 2021.012. He down his version and it fixed the problem for him. I decided to update to 2021.014 but got the attach popups. I tried to do this with the latest 2022 version with same effect. I then tried to go back to 2018 version to start reloading up to the latest version but the same popups occurred. It seems to indicate my winharp.exe is now out dated. I changed nothing an use the process of updates to the latest version of 2021.012 with no problem but when tried bumping up to 2021.014 the popups showed up. TonyD
  17. I also notice the locations not right when different zoom levels used. Seems also to vary depending on number of units in the group as to the zoom level having that affect.
  18. One other thing you can eliminate the message window as the toolkit should be place where it was to begin with as it has it's own message window also. Clicking on the tabs on the top of the main window allows you to select which window you want to view. Two of the windows actually have pause buttons so you can set you preference in the window but that pause will not allow you to select individual group to give orders outside the window as the game pause does.
  19. It is called toolkit by donaldseadog. It is in tools and modes in the download section. It works somewhat similar to those you mention but requires setting offset from the games center for the group. You adjust it by changing the number in the N,E,S,W distance from center number. You can put a distance in each box and select either E or W as well as a distance in the S or N window. To select direction just click on the direction which will toggle back and forth. These offsets for Aircraft can also be used in sea and land groups. One other thing when you change the aircrafts positions it is instantaneous and they do not fly out there as would be reality.
  20. jugasa77 there is a toolkit that will allow you adjust alt of air groups within a formation or base and even set an air group in a point within it without having to separating it from a joint surface and air group. Is that what you are looking for.
  21. My main ability in running test as I have no programming ability. That is TonyE and other who watch the forums but I know TonyE has a lot on his plate right now. I believe the mid course guidance stuff is automatic in the game. With tool box I am wondering if it turns missiles mid course guidance capable. I will test some things and let you know the results with mid course guidance and without weapons. Seadog said tool box makes all weapons with or without or with mid course flag able to switch target in flight but not sure if it locks it onto a specific target as originally flag as capable of doing. As he said it would be cheating if the flag does not exist as the AI would not have the option at all. The sub problem I believe is an AI limitation currently that will only separate damaged units while a human can to say micromanage way more then the AI for now. Ah the 1 REP 2 seems to be a button to initiate some kind of repair option which I do not believe the game does not support. I am retired so usually lots of time on my hand and I try to lend a hand on question while hopefully not giving bad info as I usually do not go beyond knowledge I have not seen or tested.
  22. Hey Rescue I did a simple, about my level, about harpoons ganging up on a single ship. I put it in the Hello by Byron post in general. This is the simple version while others can get into more detail why like TonyE.
  23. Hey Rescue I believe on you wish 2 if you are using tool box get you can actually do this in the attack page. You can steer an ASW AC to cover the specific sub you want to attack first. It will go right over it allowing you to attack it first. This could be done manually but you can set this and forget it till the AC reaches the desire place. It will then ask for orders. With ships it comes down to range and you weapons choice will decide which are in range. Your first wish I can say I never looked at that but I think it was because when I let go a torpedo everybody else goes loud.
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