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Red Star Over the Gulf: First Strike - PBEM


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Did you guys have the opportunity to follow along using SimPlot Viewer? I would like to have feedback about Viewer and the overall PBEM process.


Not me personally. I've just trying it out now though.



Same here.


kmart, I don't know if you have a particular scenario in mind, but there a number of good possibilities in the High Tide materials.

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It seems most of the High Tide scenarios use a lot of platforms. That may require a lot of players. I would like to keep things to a "medium" level until I get more referee experience and time.


I am contemplating the Desert Shield 1990 scenario from Naval Sitrep #49. There are 4 blue ships (and helos) and 3 red ships (with some helos). The battle area is the entire Persian Gulf. Blue force has 2 (maybe 3) task groups and red force has 1. So, maybe that scenario can use 2 blue players and 1 red player. Things can be divided up even more if other players wanted in, but I am hesitant to have as many as 7 players.

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You would be quite right in thinking that adding complexity and number of players tends to endanger game viability. The KISS principle works well with H4 games. The down side, of course, is that the small scale game tends to be less creative, and more of an exercise in comparing statistics.

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