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File - lazGUIdll_ext aka AI_window


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lazGUIdll_ext aka AI_window

This is a modification of TonyE's lazGUI.dll.   It isn't a tool for game play per se but for those interested it does expose some of the game internals.

It adds for certain selected event types an automatic game pause when they are queued by the main program and showing information regarding the respective event. It provides certain information not seen in the game but useful for better understanding game operation. It includes game/scenario/database information handy to provide with reports to HarpGamer.

old zip version 5 will run in GE v 2017.05 -2022.027 and in  Matrix Patch 2022.027
current dll version requires beta 2023.004+


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TonyE's latest additions to the exportDLL capability has meant that we can get quite a large amount information from the database in use.

I've added to the start group page/tab so as to dump some of this for any unit selected from the unit list of a selected group.

This will allow certain functions in my ToolboxDLL to be overhauled for better accuracy/ simulation and undoubtedly more functions developed.

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The new additions are great! Some refactoring and you would have a great replacement for the

"Report" window.

Some of the stuff is handy and within the standard game not in the one readily available window.

A bit of an RSI problem has slowed me up a bit, and I'm going thru existing parts of the toolbox to use the annex information to finish off functions, but then I might get onto a report type readout.

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The latest version is up tonight. I've made sure in the StartGroup tab the unit information includes magazine content and mount (including mount ammo) where such exist. This should help test the custom data base for those errors. If people will use this often, and would find it easier, the units list can be changed to a straight list of all current units independant of their group.

It requires that you write a scenario including the units you want to check.

It could also be altered so as to list all units with in the database (I think) but that would be quite long so perhaps not best.

This hasn't been thoroughly tested so let me know if you see suspicious data.


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