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2007.027 Release Notes


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HCE - 2007.027


- Chg:0000 GE Anti-Surface Guns now adhere to mount rate of fire limitations,

only after the initial allocation, player can cheat on initial


AS Guns will fire the correct ammunition now, and will not

'dump ammo overboard'. Previously guns were firing one burst

per 15 seconds and throwing any other bursts overboard.

AS Guns by the AI will fire 2 x target remaining DP of bursts

at the target, this helps reduce overkill/ammo wastage.

AS Guns will stop firing when the firing platform is out of

range of the target platform, previously any bombardment in

progress would keep going even if out of range.

- Chg:0000 GE In CheckMissileHits, show ECM reduction and such for misses

as well.

- Chg:0000 GE Show Range column in launch aircraft dialog for each line

of ready AC. (thanks Akula, HermanH)

- Nfo:0000 GE The period over which ROF bursts will happen is 60 seconds,

this contradicts some of the code comments which suggest 30

seconds. Will be doing further research.

- Nfo:0000 GE The decision was made (Akula,CV32,TonyE) not to change the

Impact vs Airburst criterion. They are...

If the burst will impart more than 1/8 the total DP of the

target, the shell is considered impact, if less than 1/8

the shell is considered Airburst. This is why destroying

an airbase in the game with guns just doesn't happen.

We'll look at this again when we can change data structures

to suit a potentially better model.

- Nfo:0000 GE Guns impact/airburst radio buttons should not even show since

user selection has no effect on how the damage is applied.



Hint, test surface to surface guns. In HCDB-070524 the ROF for most guns is too low, Brad has updated them and will have a new version out soon. I realize there isn't much/any logging on the guns, there wasn't time tonight and I had help in the form of CV32 and Akula so I wanted to code the meat of things while they were around to chime in.

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Guns - the ROF is not yet taking number of barrels/tubes into account, of course I'm not sure that it should, will investigate when able (should be tonight). My gut instinct is that ROF is going to have to mean total bursts per minute from the mount, no matter how many tubes (since the data structure has no way of storing say 1 tube of 3 fired) without making it this way.

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Still unable to allocate the total number of shots I want fired. I can only allocate the number of mounts I want firing.


That is correct, as least as far as what was intended in this build.

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