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  1. Name: Peter Stark Gender, Age, Ethnicity: Male, 32, Causasian Occupation: USAF, F-111 Pilot (TAC), Rammstein AFB West Germany Family History:Unwed, no children. Two siblings, older brother is major of small town in eastern Washington State near Yakima, younger sister law graduate from UW. Cousin assigned to US Army base at Grafenwhoer Germany, uncle former B-25 crewman in Korea, Father served in USN during WWII, Grandfather in Royal British Navy during WWI. Preferred (Alcoholic) Drink: Christian Brothers Brandy.
  2. Oh, I'm not saying they would not have been mildly interested (and there are a few reports of the Serbs inviting the Russians to examine the wreckage, and the Russians taking samples for testing, etc, etc), but by 1999 the stealth technology (yes, even the RAM) used in the F-117 was quite dated. The Russians would not have been spending much time and effort trying to replicate it. But do they have knowledge of their own on RAM? Is it something that can compete with the stuff we can produce?
  3. What is their largest "ship"? Last I checked, all they have are obsolent gunboats.
  4. High time we denied these criminals safe harbors. Piracy in the Caribbean was practically wiped out by the end of the 18th century and was virtually nonexistant until the last couple of decades, because everyone assumed it was ancient history. Take one Los Angeles-class boat, two SEAL teams and a couple of CIA operatives on the shore and we could wipe out these pirates quite handly. The spies will feed their intel to the USN taskforce (the aforementioned Sub and SEAL teams), the Sub will drop it's Tomahawks on the harbors and the SEALs can act on intelligence if the mission needs a certain level of delicate handling.
  5. Seems improbable, but I figure that stranger things have happened.
  6. How about the F-111? Or the Voodoo, in the Canadian Armed Forces, Air Command, equipped with nuclear tipped Genie rockets to take down strategic Bears coming in from the Cold : retired in 84, but guarded the skies over the Northern end of our continent for a bit more than 20 years ! Nuclear Air-to-Air missiles?! I think I will go with the Aardvark thank you.
  7. Dang. Well, I could go for whatever replaced it, but something like an F-15 wouldn't be a bad fly either.
  8. I had an idea for an art film some friends and I have been toying with for a while about this. I'll be reading this more throughly.
  9. Looks like something out of the Axis of Time Trilogy. Oh wait............. I wonder how fast that 57mm autocannon fires.
  10. This sounds cool. I'm going to have to see how many F-105s were still being operated, and from what air bases in '81.
  11. My favorites were the pogo ball of suicide and the single missile MRLS unit, which had no blast shield for the single (chortle) operator. Come to think of it, I KNOW some idiots who would use this garbage in a wargame. And lose to me and my friends, as usual.
  12. ................................. .............................................. Like I said, Madder than an March Hare.
  13. OUCH!! Am I seeing that right? How many warheads is that, and at what yields?
  14. Sweat. Between that and Fasthawk, the USN might just have an anti-shipping missile that will make the Russkies and the Red Chinese (Along with any fool crazy enough to start something) think twice about a naval confrontation.
  15. True right, passing animosity through an anchronism, much like the sort of tribal societies that have passed on to which it was tied to as a means of ensuring the survival of the tribe by providing a common cause to fight and labor for. I always was curious how other nations see events like the US Revolution and WW2.
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