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  1. ROFLMAO! The only place they could backfit would be forward of the deckhouse. Everywhere else is pack full of stuff.. I spent 9 miserable months on New York. Like to have killed my legs, me and everyone else that had to work in the main spaces, it was two ladders up from the entrance port deck to the second deck and 5 decks down to each of 4 engine rooms and 3 aux machinery rooms.. I will say this: when New York entered Mayport for the first time, her -22s were flying around in formation. They are the loudest aircraft you’ve ever heard, there is no helo even close to the noise those huge props make a lthundering low pitch roar. If they decide to use these for ASW aircraft on carriers every sub within two CZs is going to hear it when it hovers to drop a dipping sonar. Even a low pass is going to be very bad. Just an FYI.
  2. And the details are things that I can’t talk about. Not that an old yardbird knows diddly about radar or weapons but I do still have to be careful about what I talk about. I will tell you this in case you guys want to add it to a Db: the San Antonio class LPD has a space below the main deck forward of the deckhouse that arraingement drawings (not drawings to build by) that shows a VLS. There is talk that the next subclass will have a VLS in this space.
  3. Mea culpa… at 70 I really shouldn’t try to watch TV, talk to my wife and keep up with a thread. Sorry, Brad, I shot my mouth off before reading your post correctly. You guys are as professional as anyone in the business, more so, and I should have trusted what you said
  4. Just lucky I outran those 4 Micas before they ran out of fuel
  5. Brad, I have walked, climbed and crawled all over the Farragut and have been in both hangar bays. You going to believe a picture or someone has, you know, been on the actual ship?
  6. Byron

    Scenario Editor

    Will do! It’ll have to be later today when I’m done with a doctor appointment (a check up) and Tuesday chores. I’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks! Byron
  7. I'm writing a scenario with the database that came with the game and I discovered that the Flight II Burkes could not carry Helos. Since I've actually been aboard the Farragut, I can attest to the fact that it has two helo hangars Starting with the Mahan they all have helo hangars. Byron
  8. What killed me was 16 Phoenix with no hits (from two different flights of 3 each) and the last ditch was a pair of Sparrows and the Sparrows did the trick.
  9. I didn’t write a thing other than a world class snivel to Don to convince him to hand over the source code to a bunch of gamers he’d never met 😉 Of course, that made me the perfect project manager 😁
  10. Ever since this first appeared in HC 2002 Gold I always thought it was a European dB editor who wanted to get even with Tomcats
  11. And get mooted by a pair of Micas which seem to have a higher Pk than anything else?
  12. Excellent work! You must have spent a lot of time digging through the Wayback machine to find all those bits and pieces. And you're dead right: this game would have died many years ago without the hard work of a lot of gamers who pretty much did it for the love of the game. Some of my best and oldest friends were made over IRC and talking Harpoon and that's pretty much how it was kept alive. Again, nicely done! Byron
  13. And get morted by a pair of Micas which seem to have a higher Pk than anything else?
  14. I can almost buy the Rafale being so stealthy that an E2-C can't see it until it's under 100 miles away but I fire 16 AIM-54 at two of them and they ALL miss? and what kills them? a pair of last second Sparrows?
  15. Byron

    Scenario Editor

    I do Zoom via my iPad as my PC does not have a camera…by design.
  16. If I can beat my Scenedit into submission I plan to start writing some scenarios. Having said that, someone will have to a) point me to the latest/most used Db and b) show this hammer swinging old yardbird how to install the new Db without breaking everything. I do have time and a vicious imagination
  17. Byron

    Scenario Editor

    Can someone give me the file name for the latest version of scenario editor? What I have now is ScenEdit32. It still crashed when I try to set the time limit. TIA, Byron
  18. I still play it because I've been interested in Naval history and navies in general since at the tender age of 15 my dad got me S.E. Morisons History of WW2 for the US Navy...and read every book. Working for shipyards in general and all the years I spent working on US Navy ships at Mayport NS whetted my interest even more. I still like the mental challengeg the game can give you, keeps the old grey matter functioning
  19. Somewhere I still have the books that came with Harpoon back in 1993, lots of good information in them. And tucked away is a signed poster of the Harpoon officer with the dark shades and signed by Larry and Chris. And, as rare as hens teeth, a Harpoon 4 CD...of course, it didn't work worth a damn and crashed as soon as you looked at it hard but...Not parting with any of them
  20. Byron

    IRC chat demo

    I'll try to hop on around 7 EST or a little later.
  21. Byron

    IRC chat demo

    Is there a password to get a nick? Might log in tonight for a bit Byron
  22. Might pop in one night IRC is how I re-learned my typing skills after 30 years of not using it.
  23. I see you found the place! Byron
  24. Much better picture and it clearly shows the 3 cats. Thanks Brad for clearing this up. One downside is they only have 2 elevators.
  25. Last night during the Zoom meeting there was talk about the PLAN super carrier and that they were going to use the same cats that we're using. Maybe not....to this old shipfitters eyes it looks like a standard Kuznetov design with a ski ramp and no angle...which means they can't launch and recover at the same time....oops.... Byron
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