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  1. Harpoon! Thanks to great people like Tony and Brad and a LONG list of others Harpoon is again the winner against Command: Modern Naval Operations. The ONLY reason why this great game is still alive is because of the terrific support it gets from the players themselves. Without them the last version would have been Harpoon 97. https://ww31987.wordpress.com/2022/04/11/2022-wwiii-video-game-tournament-championship/
  2. This Sunday at 5 EDT, Michael Cee, author of the World War 1987 blog, retired USAF and military policy expert (and also a friend of mine) will be the host on CDR Salamanders Midrats pod cast on Blogtalk Radio. Give it a listen, should be some very interesting insights into what’s really going on in this bit of brinkmanship. https://www.blogtalkradio.com/midrats
  3. Well, since the reason I’m in burner is because I have a missile that I’m trying to outrun stealth isn’t an issue
  4. I was running a scenario with F-35C and after launching AAMRAMs at a pair of Typhoons I had them reverse course and hit burner to try and get away from the missiles launched at my aircraft. Imagine my horror when they were only doing about 870 knots. I just read the C model can do 1200 knots. Wiki has it at Mach 1.6. Is there something I’m missing here? And I’m using the stock Db Byron
  5. The problem with your numbers is the Soviets kept all manner of military equipment around for decades. I'll bet good money many of these subs were from as far back as WW2 and the 50s and absolutely useless against any modern enemy. The numbers that Brad quoted are much more realistic
  6. Agree on all the above...but the question was related to a strategic outcome and Harpoon is a tactical simulation. Further, anyone who believes they can use Harpoon as a real world tactical simulator will have to have be able to not only modify the database to achieve real world capabilities but to also force the AI side to model real world actions and unfortunately the AI is not capable of doing this. Harpoon is as close as it gets, very true. But the question was asked as if Harpoon modeled real world and it does not. Byron
  7. Byron

    My Blog

    I just so happened to mention last night that I’d started writing a blog at Substack (sue me, of course I’m pandering!) it’s about shipyards, my experiences and the US Navy from a Yardbirds point of view.’ https://byronaudler.substack.com/publish If you enjoy it, please leave a comment. If you don’t, well, tell me that too Byron
  8. I had a great time last night in the Zoom meeting, Thanks to Tony for hosting! And for future reference, I highly recommend that you join in the fun :)’ Byron
  9. I don't think either side had 120 SSN/SSGN/SS/SSG...and that many subs heading to the East Coast would make one hell of a racket trying to get past the SOSUS lines
  10. I'll text Patrick now and remind him to try and make it Byron
  11. I've noticed that the AI side tends to shoot every missile it has available for that range in one volley instead of shooting say 5 to kill 2 aircraft and still have missiles left to handle the next patrol. It makes the AI side act dumb, IMHO. Is there a way to change this behavior so the AI side only shoots the optimum number instead of 12 AIM-54 to kill two aircraft? Byron
  12. I've found this to be true...as long as the ships aren't emitting or detected by a long range recon asset they won't get attacked. Attacking bases like Guam is easy but.....you better have a lot of tanking assets. I wrote a scenario where the PLAN had Subic Bay and they STILL needed tanking to get to Guam.
  13. Byron

    Scenario Editor

    "Think" I have everything fixed. All units are showing up in the scenario. Only question is whether or not I can get them to actually move since for some reason they won't start out with the speeds I set for them. Onward and upward... Got the speed thing figured out. Been about 20 years since I wrote scenarios...and my memory ain't the best.😬 Still have a few things to iron out. One thing, Tony: the editor does NOT crash at all now.
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