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  1. Thanks for replies. Some side points- My install situation has NO Uninstall options visible. Should have remembered- had it outside "Program Files" before (Win 7 and only 32 bit OS). Plus- have dealt with similar stuff at word with a DoD app and moving to Win7.
  2. I am having problems - my issue is quite similar to what is described at: http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=2501954&mpage=1&key= This implies I must dig back and install over multiple time. - Any alternatives to digging for old installs. Actually all I did was install the "HCE-UpdateComprehensiveInstaller-2009.050.exe" 9299 MB size) I also have perhaps the same error of "Edit: seems like I did not install the first update correctly, that would be the issue I guess " - I went to C:\program files\ instead of with the X86 add since now at a 64 bit OS (prior was 32) thanks in advance.
  3. I played this scenario twice now, once each blue and red. As Red. My first action, helo aloft radar, had a good fix on the LCS- fired half (4) my SSMs, the C803- OK I don't remember details - did they miss - or get shot down. Well NO Hits. Next helo ventures to close and shot down. - before I lose my fix- but took long enough to get asked for activate ranges as if a BOL *bearing only" launch - fire rest of teh C803 SSMs. All hit. Sink LCS. My recollection was first 4 missed were not shor down - I could be wrong. If I am not wrong seems weird..
  4. Ok using MarineTraffic.COM MAERSK TIGRIS Position Recorded on: 2015-05-03 14:23:59 (UTC) Lat/Lon: 27.03456 / 56.27057 http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/oldshipid:1635726/oldmmsi:538005749/olddate:lastknown# I played once= lost real quick. I cheated and looked at scenario with scenario editor.- impressive use of variability - especially with red units.
  5. Tom Clancy, Larry Bond, Steven Coontz, Dale Brown - I have read most of their stuff. Did not necessary retain the copy. I will give a brief discretion of a passage of action - and can anyone help with name the book or author.I'd guess book was written between 1988 (last year Reagan was President) to 2006 (into Clinton years) Toward the end of the book. A ballistic missile has been launched toward Washington DC. An Aegis Cruiser is positioned in the Anacostia or Potomac River. And they start firing a the missile - with a Sm (standard Missile)- First missile has a proximity fuze and fragmentation warhead. he describe fact closure rate is Too fast - proximity fuse works per specifications, but too far away to affect inbound missile with the fragmentation warhead - timing stuff ..Get Lucky and destroys the imbound with maybe 3rd or 4th shot. My research efforts has me thinking it was a Steven Coontz book. Thanks in advance
  6. Starting this: Update the Scenario Editor. Update to use the same dialog box as the game for the file open/save - isn't that a simple reference/ link update in code? Not s simple - still Scenario Editor - reuse the code for gam for teh group and unit windows- allow user to resize those. Battlesets - Create a new one - center it map on Levant (the L of ISOL) - have it cover easter Med, Persian Gulf, Black Sea, Aegean, Caspian ? If I understand Scenario format correctly - a 2003 scenario for for Med or IOPG would perfectly on in new battleset if renamed, AND all unit are within the new Battleset region.
  7. Yes, it is a sad ending. However, US Navy built 8 conventionally powered Cold War Super- carriers. And until now still possessed 7 of the 8.USS America CV-66 was sunk in 2005. Until now some have expressed expectation the others would also be sunk - perhaps simpler that scrapping, and separate out good metal, reusably stuff, and then everthing that would be considered hazardous waste. Thank for the link.
  8. Ok - experts- Someone drop in some more details and history for Red Pill, please. I have read reviews here. I play HC often, think I have bought but never really gotten into H3. I am aware of some of the differences., What if any compatibility does it maintain with HC? Could a HC scenario at all import there? This intrigues me a fair bit. Flash graphics ain't a big thing to me. If anything - I see and understand and love some of the openness of the HC 2003 scenarios/ platforms, etc. thanks in advance
  9. Ok. You gave me a good start.- page you reference helps. It Needs a minor update for those with Access 2010. it (microsoft Access) is now giving me some debug errors. FIrst error prompted me to create directory C:\Matrix Games\HCE\Battlesets\COMMONDB\RES and place in it the commondb.res & RSR files. next error is cannot find annex_bs_strings.csv Ok I looked via the debug of Acess and reaize the list of CSV I will need are: \annex_bs_strings.csv, \annex_a1.csv, Sub\annex_a2.csv, Plane\annex_b1.csv, Gun\annex_c1.csv, Missile\annex_d1.csv, ASW\annex_e1.csv, Torp\annex_f1.csv, Ordnance\annex_g1.csv, ECM\annex_g2.csv, Nuke\annex_i1.csv, Radar \annex_j1.csv, Sonar\annex_m1.csv, Base\annex_p1.csv, Loadout\annex_y1.csv, Mount\annex_z1.csv, Multi\annex_z2.csv, String\annex_strings.csv, PlatformNames\annex_ship_names.csv, Magazine\annex_mags.csv, Do i need to refind and get these files in correct location, or might it work for me created blank files with these names in correcdt locations. ?
  10. Ok. If I understand this correctly - essentially the commondb.res is the database for weapons/sensors/platforms (ships/subs/airplanes) and bases. AS I recall somewhere there is an application that will convert the file (commondb.res) into either Microsoft Excel or Access Database format - a little easier for viewing and analysis. What is the application that I am thinking about? Should it already be on my computer with Install of harpoon - or where is it located within the HARPGAMER site. thanks in advance
  11. I have tried scenario once and lost. Gets comment on as a massive scenario in my opinion. I am stuck at staying at 1:1 time playing- some my ability, some is my PC. Most Historic OOB - I will question the Libyan some. Too may aircraft. One wish - having a F-14 loadout of 6 Sparrow and 2 Sidewinders. My errors- trying to hide under EMCON instead of going active with RADARs, and being too scrougy on Tomcats up as CAPs. Second thought - make a scaled back "baby version"- Make Libya only base in the Benghazi-Benina & SA-5 region, drop all subs, drop USA to just 1 CVBG, and the 3 ship SAG south of the line.. - and some matching scale back the victory conditions.
  12. Ok. I Cheat. Go to scenario editor and look at the existing Victory conditions For Red Minimum Victory:AND of 4 conditions: 16 ships any on station - all of Bay of Bengal. base remains on station, Sink 1 sub, and 1 Carrier on station - On station for 120 hours. For Red total victory - AND of sink 2 subs, 8 of own subs remain on station 120 hours. For Blue Minimum Victory- AND of - sink 2 subs, 20 (blue) ships on station, 2 subs on station =130 hours, all of bay of bengal Deny blue from sinking Subs. Last of the Red Min victory - You don't have a carrier to keep on station, cannot do it. pardon my english- adequate fact, overly brief, you may have tio re-read and think it thru to get the full message. ON occasion orders do not match the scenarios set victory conditions, and on other occasions, there are other impossible victory conditions set. You might play to end as a draw, but cannot win over the Carrier thing.
  13. Your Sahara scenario is very good !!Like the idea.

  14. Wind does change. yes. But it depends where you are, and what speed the wind is at. If you are in the IO in Monsoon season, once pointed into the wind you can plod along at 5 - 10 knots and the carrier gets the needed 30 knots of wind across the deck, and the changes are insignificant. Th BG commander will have the TF in sectors/screen assigned just like our game, so the OOD has some libery on his course and speed, not tied to a particular point. Yes heading into the wind and swells minized the vessel pitching. Now the CV typically turning around at meal times typically made the FF/DD crew real angry over experiencing that turn during meal hours. Now, if you have NO natural wind, year the wind shifts. I have heard an seen a plot on a near dead wind day, and desire for the wind 10 degrees off head (down the angle deck) the CV, over X hours they made a massive (like 320 mile diameter) circle track. That neat for CV probably stayed within its BG mod lock requirement. In opposite case above dictated heading opposite direction when NOT not at flight OPs. In this case, I have NO idea what the screen setup was like for rest of BG- If locked in relation to the CV or to a mod lock point and wider- out of the carriers path area.
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