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  1. I've never seen that staff message before. That's the reason I posted here, I didn't know if it was an actual problem or just some feature I'd missed somehow. Saved game posted in the reporting area. If you can't find it, let me know and I'll send it again. One other thing I noticed, the aircraft actually does launch, it just stays orbitting over it's base. Hooking it and then ordering the attack poses no problem. The target is a single sub group, so I don't hink target composition is the problem. Thanx, Buddha
  2. Sorry I bugged you, Tony. I wasn't really trying to make a report, just asking if there was some procedural change I may have missed. I didn't see anything about it in the release notes. Won't happen again.
  3. I don;t know if this is new, or I just never came across it before. When I attempt to launch an aircraft from a base to attack a sub target, I get a message saying "Sir, we currently have no released weapons to conduct an ASW attack". If I launch the aircraft to patrol and then order it to attack the target as soon as it launches, the attack proceeds as usual. I have a screenshot, but I can't figure out how to attach it. Thanx, Buddha
  4. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/russia-bringing-back-worlds-largest-193949617.html
  5. I can't get the page to load.
  6. Access 2007 should work. I'm still using Access 2003 with no problems. Buddha
  7. I'm not a paper rules player, but as a former ASAC I'll share what I can about helo ops in ASW. I'll date myself here and say that I controlled SH-2 LAMPS and SH-3 dipping helos, along with S-3s, P-3s, and JMSDF P-2s. One thing to remember is that an ASW helo is not a search platform. It's a localization/attack platform used once a target has been detected by other means. Once a sub threat was detected, the LAMPS or Dipper would be vectored in to pinpoint the target's location and also try to identify it. With a LAMPS, I'd order buoy drops around the suspected location, normally a pattern of 4 passive buoys. If an SH-3 was available, I'd have a dipping sonar available as well. MAD detection was available from both types of helos as well. Once a contact is firm enough and rules of engagement are met, a torpedo drop can be made. My own preference during ASW exercises was to vector the helo over the contacts track stern to bow and release the weapon when the MAD needle swung. This places the weapon ahead of the target due to balistic travel after release and in an optimum position to aquire. Hope this helps. If not, it was fun thinking about those days again.
  8. Third shortcut from the top in the Harpoon Ultimate Commanders Edition group in the Start Menu. My menu display truncates the shortcut names for some reason so it took a couple of tries to get the right one, but it's there alright.
  9. Finally got around to trying it. Works like a champ Tony, thanx. I really wish MS would leave some of these things alone, and I could sure do without all the UAC/Administrator hassles. Nobody uses this system but me, and even if someone else in the family used it, I wouldn;t need all the headaches.
  10. Thanx Tony. To tell you the truth, I never use the help system either. It just bugs me when something doesn't work. I blame MS for this. It's the second time that I know of that they've done something like this to the help system, the last one being part of the nightmare that was Vista. That time they had a fix on the MS Site, but they apparently haven't gotten around to one for Win 10 yet.
  11. I spoke too soon again I see. The Help system for Harpoon doesn't work with Windows 10. I went through this when I first got Vista, and MS had a fix for it. Now the MS Site has fixes for Win 7 and 8, but nothing for Win 10. Any suggestions anyone? Thanx, Buddha
  12. I personally don't care for the Edge browser at all either. I did the upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10, and Internet Explorer is still available, although I had to track it down and create new shortcuts. I've also found that Firefox works well. No problems with Harpoon yet, other than having to ask Tony how to run the SE. (I was still trying to use the old 16 bit version on a 64 bit system).
  13. You got that right Tony. It looks like something on the SyFy Channel. Definitely interesting though, thanx for posting it Brad.
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