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  1. Thank you so much. Loved them all. Especially 'No More Mr Nice Guy'! Fighting off endless waves of fighters and bombers, using every last missile and gun ammo due to running out of fighters ready on the carrier, and all while attempting to launch some sort of counter strike. The first two hours literally kept me on the edge of my seat cursing that it takes an hour to refuel and rearm my fighters! Thanks away
  2. First off I want to say thank you for everyone who has created and uploaded amazing scenarios! I just got back into Harpoon after a few years and it is great to see people still active in supporting the community. Now for my question... Does anyone have any recommendations of scenarios with large numbers of aircraft, carrier battle groups, and bases? I enjoy having a mixture of each element in my games instead of scenarios that focus mainly on just one aspect. An example of scenarios I really enjoyed are F14 Fleet Defender and Red Line And thank you again for creating and maintaining a great community!
  3. I understand that this question may not exactly have to do with Harpoon, but since this forum has been so helpful, I decided to ask. In what context where nuclear torpedoes used? Where they meant to detonate underwater near carrier task forces or meant for harbors and ports?
  4. I am working on creating a new scenario and was wondering, how does China group its surface ships? Do they have groups similar to US destroyer squadron? Or carrier battle groups? I understand they just commissioned their first carrier so they probably have not completely established their naval strategy, but with other surface ships, is there any methodology the PLAN uses? Thanks for any help, this site and forum has been such a blessing
  5. Oh also just want to add I prefer scenarios set in more modern times like late 80s till present or even future with F-14s, F-18s, and similar era
  6. Can anyone suggest some good scenarios for download here on this site or that are in the game already? i use Larry Bond's Harpoon Commander's Edition. I recently have been into playing scenarios with aircraft carriers or a few airbases vs other carriers/airbases with minimal submarines. For example i really enjoyed Tom1_0 and Tom1_1 I downloaded from this site. Thank you for any help
  7. How exactly do you use the platform editor? Is there a tutorial or website that explains it? I'm using Larry Bond's Harpoon: Commander's Edition on Windows 7, but have XP mode to use scenario editor
  8. In the scenario editor for H:CE, how do you make ballistic missiles? I've found some labeled TEL under ships unit type. Are these the only ballistic missiles you can create in the game? And what does TEL stand for anyways? I would like to play around with making ICBM silos or just ballistic missiles in general when making scenarios. Like I said I found a few, like scuds and a few other, but where are the Minutemen and such? Thanks for any help
  9. you guys answered my question, sorry i thought this was for hce didnt know there was different verisons of hce, and i was just asking in general how to refuel. but now i just launch them seperatly and have them join and then refuel
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