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About This File

A Harpoon Commander's Edition (HCE) scenario for the Middle East battleset.


This scenario is designed for play by the BLUE side.


During the past few years, and even more so during 2012, the international news headlines have been dominated by stories of the suspicion surrounding the nuclear activities of Iran, whether that nation is actively pursuing a nuclear weapons program, and if so, the mortal threat faced by Israel. Slowly but surely the story has been building toward a potential flashpoint, with increasing concern about the possibility of unilateral action by Israel to forestall that threat. To paraphrase the recent words of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu - 'those who refuse to put red lines before Iran have no moral right to put a red light before Israel'. Whether Israel actually has the ability to stop or even delay an Iranian nuclear weapons program in any appreciable way, remains a matter of debate. What is certain that there exists a red line that, once crossed, will compel action. The only question is who will act.


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