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Toolbox updated


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New for this version Of Toolbox

A new Page KBShortCuts which includes a handy rundown of some of the shortcut keys that give features not obtained through the main F keys.

Fixed a bug in the exact fix indicator and 'Cover' function in Attack Tab when player is Red.

The toolbox size and position within the harpoon window will be remembered in subsequent games. to remember position follow instructions in settings page.

Air Group Formation page gives an indication if the selected air unit is NOE (Nape Of Earth) capable and if its IFR (In Flight Refuel) capable.

Air Refuel Page - when you enter this page it now automatically updates the Group list if one of the boxs Active or Tanker is ticked.

Recent changes:

A revised algorithm for handling attempted captures of enemy and neutral bases and surface groups.

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New version of Toolbox 2.6.0..1 (Toolbox.zip) updated to run in GEs 2023.007+

This version also includes a new window with four pages including information on the loaded game and scenario, achieved victory conditions and levels, Damaged unit list and dead unit list.

toolbox2.4.zip is the last version compatible with the latest official matrix patch 2022.27

tollbox1.5.zip is for older games, see details in the download page.

Link here:


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New version with (at last) filtering on the ability to re target missiles according to their capability and guidance phase.

Also the listing of enemy and neutral groups no longer indicating the side or unit detail unless it is known to the player.

see above for link to toolbox if wanted

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New version which includes a modest punishment for players attacking neutral assets and removes a bug in the attacking window with respect to selecting player torpedo groups (and now correctly shows torpedo units' targets.

See above for link.

PS "modest punishment" did lead to me losing 2/3 of my surface combatants in one test run :) basically it makes it risky to blast away at detected units if you don't have a positive ID that the unit is an enemy.

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