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Is it groundhog day?


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I was using both 2021.010 and .012 to play a fairly long intense game and after I'd called a truce and looked of the report from AAR.DLL I noticed that at midnight (game time) the day's date didn't change. I'll write a test scenario to check this out when I get a chance but wanted to mention it incase others had noticed it.

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6 hours ago, TonyE said:

Hehe, hadn't noticed that, I'm hoping to check it out later today.

I've written a test scenario and confirmed it there, posted in defect notices. I wonder how long this has been?

I do recall a recent 'mega' scenario that surprised me at the finish that it had only gone for about 6 hous game time, it might have been 2 days 6 hours 😁

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