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Georgian Airstrike


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First of all - No disrespect to the belligerents and/or victims of this current war between Georgia and Russia. Just using the situation to frame a viable scenario.


Georgian Su-25 responding to ground units observing a Russian armored column advancing on their defensive positions.


Russian armored column of 2x tank platoons and a mechanized infantry platoon. At a rearward position, covering a bridge crossing, is a solitary SA-11 launch vehicle.


Su-25 enters the south edge of the map at T Level and moves up along the eastern side of the map. Turns 3-4, Su-25 effectively jams the SA-11 TTR with its AJM-A EW Pod.


Turn 5 it is not jammed and the SA-11 locks onto the Su-25. The Su-25 comes over a wooded area and spots the armored column. Unfortunately, at 1 hex it is now too close to effectively dive bomb the target so the pilot lets loose with his Rocket Pod, securing a suppression result rolling on the 1:2 column of the Air-To-Ground Attack Table on Turn 6.


As the pilot crosses the target making his way to the west map edge, he employs his internal DDS-A dropping a single chaff unit each FP, while a volley of two SA-11 Gadfly missiles launch and track the Frogfoot.


Chaff effectively decoys one of the SAMs, but the second tracks home and secures a “direct hit”, causing a “crippled” result on the Aircraft Damage Table. As the Su-25 left the west map edge I rolled for progressive damage – there was none, so the scenario was declared over with the Russian attack somewhat disrupted and the crippled aircraft making it home.

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Re-did the SA-11 SAM engagement versus the Su-25 using the Airpower rules vice the Air Superiority/Air Strike rules. Airpower is essentially v2 of the AS/AS rules with some enhancements as well. It turns out that the Frogfoot's AJM-A still effectively jammed the Gadfly's TTR for three turns, it "locked on" on the fourth turn, about when it did yesterday. The big difference is that the Soviet/WP Internal DDS-A contains no chaff, but 10 flares. No help vesus a radar guided SAM. Hindsight being what it is, I'd definitely look into carrying an extenal EW pod which would give me some chaff.


Equipped as it was, the Su-25 was hit by both missiles directly, rolls of 10 and 9 on a 9 attack rating resulted in two Heavy Damage result, the second culminates to a cripped. The first Critical Systems Loss roll disable the radar, none on the Frogfoot. The second killed the pilot removing the a/c or determining the crash site.


It's a quick attack so I'll run it again using Airpower, and more appropriately loaded soon and see what comes of it.

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There is a SitRep article on the modernization of the Russian air force a few editions ago listing Su-25 with 3rd Gen Decoys, which should give something more in Airpower terms. It's DDS-A, Decoy Dispencer System "A" is the basic piece of gear. For comparison, the game lists F/A-18A as having DDS-B, and the F/A-18C a DDS-C.

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I was also thinking this days in the clear difference between a 1st and 3rd Generation Decoy, after the observation of this poor Su-25 launching flares:


And the dispersion of decoys of systems like ALE-47:



http://www.dzkk.tsk.mil.tr/TURKCE/moderniz...LR100EHProg.asp (no, no, I don't understand Turkish, but the picture is good ;) ).


But we can't forget the decoy response is also a consequence of aircraft's warning sensors and the controller program.

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Slowly went through a small one map scenario yesterday consisting of two A-7E, loaded with 4x Mk83 and, and 2x Rocket pods each, tasked with striking a "medium" highway bridge. Ingress, starting at 5,000' was uneventful gradually descending to 3,000'. The lead Corsair ended up straying too close to an urban area, drawing an aimed fire AAA attack from a defending S-60 battery. The shot missed but at that point I realized that it was off-line from the target. Maneuvering to get on-line prevented it from employing it's load on the bridge. Dash-2 was online and attacked first with its rockets, then dumping its 4x Mk81 on the target.


Only represented 1-1:30min, but a good time. I was also documenting the components and calculations of each turn's phases whick is not really necessary.

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