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CIC aims to be a game with a similar feel to Harpoon Classic. It is a hobby effort in need of vast amounts of participation. Most critical is the need for leadership and community-building. The history of CIC shows that the lack of leadership and passionate individuals results in little forward progress. If you would like to contribute your talents, please contact me.


Technical goals:

  • Cross-platform (Windows, OS X, iOS, Android) OR browser-based
  • Useable entire world map
  • Multiplayer OR Umpire-run-games with remote viewers
  • Naval warfare focus
  • Logistics of some sort, be it points-based, or more detailed
What CIC isn't?
  • An infinitely detailed simulator. Expect copious abstraction.
  • Gorgeous 3D models with accurately modeled rivets.
  • Expensive to buy (the idea is to be open source with pay to buy compiled binaries).
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Hi Buddha, the number that keeps sticking in my head is $20 per person in 2013 USD. Due to the way the various app stores work you would end up paying multiple times if you play on multiple platforms. You might have to spend $20 on iOS, $20 on Android, and $20 for Win/OS X if you went for all of the planned platforms, a $60 total. Mobile might be cheaper or might require a desktop install.

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